How are you going to approach Term 2 differently to Term 1? By @JacobDeFig

Jacob de Figueiredo

By Jacob de Figueiredo



How are you going to approach Term 2 differently to Term 1?


Hey everyone.


Soo….. Term 1’s done. 


As I’ve stated in many a previous JACOB DE FIG SCAB (patent pending), term 1 at SCA was the best time of my life, no question. No competition. Zilch. I went on a journey of self-discovery, like some sort of expensive acid trip, learning about who I am, why I’ve actually chosen to do what I do and what I can/will become. I’ve listened to some truly life changing people, who’s words have touched me in places I never knew existed and think about, whenever I’m in the shower.


Most importantly, for me anyway, I learned that I can truly leave a positive impact on the world, if I play my cards right.  


It’s pretty crazy how 4 months at SCA can make 12 years of education feel completely worthless, but to be fair, I did fail most things and push back every opportunity for learning I was ever presented with, but that’s in the past now.


Don’t worry this isn’t going to be another SCAB where I rattle on about how the education system failed me and write some soppy, borderline cringe paragraph about how I’ve finally found my true calling in life, this one’s gunna be a bit more… dry.


As the New Year comes round, so, once again, does the prospect of new beginning and so starts the process of me getting an actual grip on my life. We’ve gotten through the first week of Term 2 and to me, it felt as if nothing had changed. Which isn’t great.


I could feel myself slipping back into my usual traditional school routine as we approached the winter break last term. Late nights, laughable amounts of procrastination, lack of focus, sleeping in, vegging out at any opportunity. Everything I tried so hard to fight at the beginning of the term was sneaking up on me. My conscious and intense enthusiasm was fading out; I didn’t feel like the same person I was when I first joined the school. I’d found a routine, one that I need to change.


It’s time for me to seriously up my game, start scaring myself and seeing what I’m truly capable of if I’m to push myself to breaking point. Marc and previous alumni have told me that Term 2 is the term where you learn to fail, which is definitely a scary prospect but one I’m ready for.


I need to start planning my days; every hour needs to be accounted for. I need to start working at 8 am, every day, constantly pushing my work and myself until I go to sleep and not just do the work, get actual feedback on it, aim to improve and learn something new on a daily basis.  Start networking, get my name out, go out of my way to make sure the industry knows who I am and not just wait for them to come to me.


I want to expand my mind, make sure I’m an interesting person, with interesting things to say and interesting ideas. Stand out above the rest and become the person I know I’m supposed to be.


It all sounds very generic and it’s one thing, saying these things and another thing actually doing them, but there’s something powerful about writing them down, especially when you know it’s going to be out there in world.


New year, new me and that. 

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