Patxi’s last scab – By @pzelizalde

By Patxi Elizalde


Patxi’s last scab


Hello everyone. This is my last scab. For now!
School is coming to an end and it’s really starting to show. There’s a strange air in the studio
these days. The stress is overwhelming to my senses. And not just my stress, but the collective
stress of 38 abused hush puppies in dire need of some fresh air.
Our first portfolio day is next Wednesday (fuck), but how ready can we really be right? I guess
the only thing we can really do now is just to keep coming up with new, bigger, better ideas to
keep that sausage factory rolling.
I think the best piece of advice I received recently is that Portfolio Day is not ‘the end.’ This
seems obvious, but it’s very easy to forget. Especially when it’s been the only thing on our
minds day in and day out since Cannes. That being said, our final portfolio day does mark the
end of our time at SCA, which is sad.
But hey, there really isn’t any time to be sad these days, because our journey as fresh creatives
is far from over.
It’s a bit strange to think that the end of SCA doesn’t mark the start of summer. Or the
beginning of a nice, long break. We’ll have time off, but the feeling of guilt will be ever present
until we finally get a job. Hopefully soon. Realistically, not for a while.
Anyway, SCA has been an experience and a half, and there are many things I’m definitely going
to miss as I’m bopping around trying to be a real-life creative human alongside my crazy Irish
partner in crime.
The resources we have at SCA are unmatched anywhere else. I’ve never learned so damn much
in one year. About advertising, about creativity, about this country, about hard work, about
craft, about stress, about passion, and ultimately about myself. This school year pushed me
further than I’ve ever been pushed in my life, and while I’m gonna regret saying this in a few
days, it has honestly all been worth it. Worth the struggle, the extremely late nights and early
mornings, the self-doubt and depression. It was all worth it for my newfound confidence in
myself and my work, for my award that came out of nowhere, and for the new friendships I’ve
formed in and out of school through this whole process.
Apologies that this stream of consciousness isn’t exactly a stream. But hey, it’s Friday and it’s
beautiful out. Peace out, internet.

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