Laziness… How comfortable – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


Laziness… How comfortable


“Fuck it Dude, let’s go Bowling” Walter Sobchak


Here I am chilling on my nan’s old armchair, sipping on a fresh pineapple juice and contemplating the best that the Basque Country has to offer. Rather than me boring you with an endless description of the scents, colours and natural symphonies in our little valley, simply refer yourself to Bilbo Baggins’ home sweet home “The Shire”, and you’ll get the picture. 

Damn it feels good to be lazy… Slow motion and triviality are my bread and butter in this place… In fact it has been the case for many years.

As a stubborn dudeist I used to:


  • II] Just take it easy, man. By not worrying so much about making it into the finals.


  • II] Thrive in creating with as little effort as possible.


  • III] Be terrified of failure! Not challenging myself enough to take real risks                      and aspire to excellency.


  • IV] Think that constantly exercising and practicing is for maniacs and/or the                   untalented. In my foolish vanity I ruled out the word, effort.  


  • V] Uh… not too sure… there must be plenty more…


Well, to hell with all these habits, people change and I have changed (don’t get me wrong I still am a believer in the basic idea of Dudeism…. But not in all its principles). No I won’t go bowling with Walter anymore, at least not until I’ve learned to give my absolute best what ever the cost. 

Sitting back I remember my nan warning me about the dangers of too much comfort, and how it makes us age quicker. So now I am going to follow my most intense obsessions mercilessly. 


I intend to work my way out of this comfort zone, with the help of SCA and a badass copywriter! 

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