Listen up next intake, this might just be gold dust…


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


Listen up next intake, this might just be gold dust…

We’re nearing the end! Everything’s got all serious! 
And the class of coup are full of excitement for the future. 
But they’re also thinking, “if only I could do this all again, what would I change??” 
Chloe – I would have made more of my mornings and done loads more work in the mornings cause gawd am I rubbish at working late. That ain’t my time to shine nuh uh.

Adriano – I would have made myself more interesting. Too many times I stayed home instead of going and visiting art galleries, walking in the park and going to work somewhere else other than home. That would have done me so much good. 

Alicia-  I would have made more of a conscious effort to ask the other student for feedback earlier in the year on what they think is worth pushing and killing – cus you’re all gr8!
Tristan-  I would have asked for more feedback form my fellow fabulous students, and hung out with them more outside school.
Edwina – I would’ve come back earlier and not been so stubborn, thinking I could do it on my own. I should’ve recognised I had lost the discipline SCA gives us, and that I needed the help of our wonderful mentor network.
Orla – should have stuck to my gut more.
Dennis – Networking. I would have concentrated more in meeting people from agencies inside a pub under less official circumstances, getting to know the atmosphere to work there for a day (people in the industry are really helpful), Netflix & Chill with more SCA students, talking less about advertising with SCA students, I would try to make things happen and not only concentrate on my book and I would have collected money to buy our own Friday reflections booze.
Laurens – Should have spent more time sitting down with other teams. Solving more problems TOGEVAAA
Alex P – Make more of an effort to combat ‘dead weeks’; weeks where I was unproductive and not ‘feeling it’. How we react to circumstance IS a choice.
Roman –  I would have started doing Smp’s earlier and doing my own brief in my book!
Katy – I would have probably just done more of everything. Turns out I really only learn by failing massively. I would have also probably not been terrified of words for the first 6 months that way. I would also have done less sometimes, and just thought more instead.  
Rhiannon – I would have decided exactly what I wanted from the beginning instead of mistaking other people’s goals and aspirations for my own. 
Georgia –  I would’ve worked even harder, collected more dots, and written more lines. But I don’t think I’d ever feel like it was enough. So all in all – no regrets ✌🏼️
Drew: I would have made time to do more passion projects of my own – I think they definitely improve the advertising creative. I would have also tried to get out more – not seeing the world and feeding the nogan leads to creative burn out.
Nick K –  Finding the right balance between SCA and personal life.
Suki – I would’ve started using my weirdness for good instead of weird earlier:)))))):((((((
Ben T – Not be as hard on myself and probably spend more time doing the things I love without feeling guilty 
Angus – Collecting more dots and taking rest days more regularly on the weekends.
Laura – Worry a lot less. Have confidence to trust my pea brain and in doing things the ‘Laura Magee’ way!
Mikey – It’s hard for me to say because I’ve actually had the opportunity to do it twice. Or one and a third. Being less critical has always been my problem. I’m naturally critical, and in the industry, building ideas is better than killing them no matter if they lead nowhere. It’s about the exploration and unlocking the potential of an idea, rather than dismissing it. So that’s probably it. Being less critical of my own ideas and other people’s.

Ben G – I would approach the year with more of an openness to failure. The best way to learn is from making mistakes. I also wish I had spent more time picking Ian’s brain and asking him actual proper questions about typography.

nunu – I would  start more relaxed and with a playful mood that it makes me who I am. Believing more in myself and being more confident.

Fed – I wish i could have been more proactive and talk more to people from agencies a little bit more than I did.

nadia –  I wish I had done more hot-desking at the start of the year. It’s such an advantage to know what an agency/team’s culture is like before deciding on where your preferred placement would be.

Matt K – Not live in Leyton

Alex O – Early on I probably kept ideas to myself more, and didn’t share them in case others would think the ideas were bad. I’ve learnt that what is even worse is not sharing, because not only did I miss out on interesting opinions, but also, if I don’t share ideas, it’ll look like I don’t have any. 

Bea – I would have been more confident in my own capabilities and asked for more feedback instead of hiding work I thought didn’t deserve time.

Ethan – I’d be sure to be more open with myself. Relax more and enjoy the experience rather than being too worried about the work. It’s hard to keep your head up all the time at the start when it feels like you’re not doing great work. The work comes, you just have to go along with the ride.

Matt B – I’d probably no stress about work so early on in the course. There were really cool experiences and opportunity outside of school that I’ve missed out on because I put work first. And that work, in reflection, in pretty poor. 

Nick L –  would be a lot less precious about ideas for the first half of the year. And I’d write as many propositions as humanly possible from January onwards. It’s strange to say but quantity can be as important as quality sometimes.

Seb – Retrospectively, speaking from future me, I think throughout my career I’ll look back on not having any boundaries of clients/ brand guidelines/ budgets during the student book years, and regret not taking advantage of it more. Now’s the time to do crazy shit that would never run, and I wish I would have had that running in my mind throughout the course.

Owen – I would of worried less about making Marc happy, and worried more about making work that I liked. I also wish I’d argued more for ideas, and didn’t assume that everything should be killed after someone says they don’t like it

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