Putting Our Tag On It – By CHECKOUT intake 20/21

Putting Our Tag On It

We decided for this group SCAB we would each pick a well-known brand and replace their worn out tagline, or give them one if they hadn’t bothered with one in the first place.

Matt : Caramac – Dads’ favourite blonde.

De-Lux: Tesla – the future is electrifying.

Roxi: Mc Donald’s – Knack for the Delicious.

Alek: Greggs – A taste of Britain

Samson: L’oreal – Because you need it.

Beck: Ikea – Get lost, in furniture.

Freddie: Carlsberg – less grim than Fosters

Cameron: Zoom – Bridge the gap

Eloise: Crocs – you won’t be coming in these

Conor: Pot Noodles – hot and tasteless, like the kardashians

Edzai: Special K – enough said

Joe Melvin: Sleep – So decent

Holly: Cathedral Cheddar – Good things come to those who grate

Mike M: Red bull – Grab life by the horns

Gareth: Space X – Beyond innovation

Gwen: Boursin – N°1 weapon for social distancing

Luke: Oreos – Because sometimes even vegans need to enjoy life.

Tad: Marmite – You either love it, hate it, tolerate it, or remain relatively apathetic to it.

Marie: Ben & Jerry’s – In case you needed a reason to live

India: Toblerone: lose yourself in the triangle  

Alex H: ZSL London Zoo – Well if no one’s here to look at the animals, how are we going to justify it?”

Osagie: Facebook – We’ve Got You

Jane: Lidl – Big on quality queuing, Lidl on price

John: British Airways – You’re better than budget

Florrie Macleod: McCain – We are potatoes. A joyful potato family.

Nancy: Patagonia – We care, we repair. Garments for life, not just for Christmas.

Mercedes: Airbnb – Home out of home

Flo – Wikipedia – You’re Welcome

Shepherd: Apple – Be different 

Vicky: Andrex – A treat for your derrière

Jack: The Catholic Church – We’ve made some changes…

Gaby: Converse – It’s always good to have converse

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