S-Cream – By @RomanLapacz

Roman Lapacz

By Roman Lapacz



I’m a big fan of horror movies.
Not because I particularly enjoy violence, but because I found the exaggerations and tricks the directors use to scare you always quite ridiculous.

Ye, I’m that guy that jiggle when the beautiful blonde who’s trying to escape suddenly step on an invisible branch and end up cut in half by a clown with a chainsaw.
Is that weird? Probably.

Anyway, my point is, I’m not scared easily.

But when Marc asked us who was afraid of his new portfolio schedule, I raised my hand.
Because I was literally shitting my pants.
In fact, the only thing I’m not afraid of these days, is owning up to being afraid.

Alex and I have decided to rip up all our previous work and start fresh with new strategies we are proud of. We are now aiming for Cream, and we have to be ready in 10 weeks. This type of resolution naturally leads to a whole bunch of scary questions:

Where should we start?
How are we going to do this?
Is there enough time?
Do we have what it takes?

Thankfully, I’v found a really simple answer that can be used for every each one of them:
Shut the **** up, Roman.

Grow a pair and don’t let panic kill your productivity.

Panic is like a machete, it might be “just” inside your head, it can be kind of problematic.
However, like all problems, there is a solution. And I believe the one for fear, is faith.
A strong and undoubted belief that as long as we are enjoying the process, we are doing it right. Nothing will ever be done if I keep overthinking all day, so I have to start trusting me and my partner abilities and just get to it. We are having a lot of fun anyway, so let’s run for it without second thought, and unlike most horror movie scenarios, it might just work.

I truly believe this faith will help us overcome the obstacles laying between us and our destiny and…wait stop.
I don’t want to write one of those self realizing-I’m-a-butterfly scabs again.
To be honest, I’m still freaking scared, but at least I know that I just need to keep moving… and watch less horror movies.

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