The Positive Change Curve – By @charlesfare

By Charles Olafare


The Positive Change Curve


We’re taught a lot of great things about advertising at SCA but one of the biggest things I think we’ve learned so far is the concept of positive and negative change curves.


In a nutshell it’s the idea that sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down, and that one usually precedes the other. Right now I feel like I’m on a positive change curve. I’m learning a lot, managing to get some decent work done and generally just cracking on with things.


It wasn’t that long ago that things felt very much the opposite. And, according to the logic of change curves, things may feel that way again in the future.


The trick with the curves is to understand that personal and emotional circumstances can change for better or for worse. To know that when you feel one way, you’ll soon be due to feel another. Accepting the ebb and flow of it all is crucial to getting on with things, and as such is crucial to getting on with life.


The word accepting reminds me of something Mary said to me about just the other day about choosing to live in denial versus choosing to live in acceptance.


Weirdly enough, she was talking about using Photoshop. The way she saw it, she could either deny that she wasn’t very good at it and get frustrated. Or accept the matter and figure out how to go about changing it.


Quite profound stuff for a Friday afternoon at the tail end of a long week.


I can’t help but link Mary’s lesson to the notion of change curves. It makes me think that the best way to weather the changes that life throws at us, whether at SCA or elsewhere is to accept them for what they are and figure out how to affect what happens next.


So cheers for that Mary and cheers for that SCA. I just hope I can manage to bare that all in mind the next time things all go tits up.



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