Bowled over by the scholarship entries for 2017. By @Edwards92Sophie

By Sophie Edwards



Bowled over by the scholarship entries for 2017.

The moment you really want something you do more. Be that winning a scholarship for £15,000, getting to the top of the class or entering a little competition to get your dad tickets to go and see the cricket on Sunday. When there is something you want, you try harder. 
It was so much fun to watch the shortlist entries for the SCA scholarship this year. But it was clear which ones stood out – it was those who did more. 
You guys did such great stuff in such a small amount of time. The splash you’ve showed you can create when a little bit of elbow greece is applied is just what you need for next year. 
Waking up this morning and thinking about which entries I remember, it’s clear it was those who got out and DID things for real. The ones that stood out were the ones who did something risky, topical and dare I say it brave. 
In my eyes there is one clear winner. So to you, well done. You’ve made an impression on Marc and the Fat Penguin intake before you’ve even walked through the doors. 
Marc wants you guys to keep and improve this ‘just do it’ attitude. He will refer to this as OPPORTUNITYisNOWhere. When you come to school always think about how you can take your projects further, bigger and get heard. It takes energy. As much energy as you put in to win £15,000. So if you’ve already started doing this. Fab. If not, you should right this wrong. 
You can see signs of this in our class. People making noise around diversity, females in the industry and the nonsense that is the pink tax. These people have gone the extra mile and it makes them stand out. Will you be able to keep up that passion and drive when £15,000 isn’t at stake? 
Huge well done to the shortlists. 
Good luck for next year. 
See you all next week!  

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