My advertising manifesto – By @nearsanctum182

By Leanne Spencer


My advertising manifesto


In an attempt to become a better creative and person at large, I spent a few nights a week over the Christmas break researching stress management. 

I found some really enlightening work on the matter, particularly on the subject of cognitive dissonance. 


Cognitive dissonance occurs when one is working with contradictory pieces of information; it is the state of mind that follows when your actions and beliefs are not in alignment. 


Working in advertising remains a challenge to many of my personal, ethical beliefs about our responsibility to the people around us, even with my best intentions thrust front and centre of my work. So I guess it would be fair to say that it is a large stressor for me. 


Luckily, another thing I have been researching is the pitfalls of perfectionism. I do not owe anyone, even myself, some statue of a perfect being. But if I can’t break the habit of always wanting to improve, I should just try to be a little less sh*t than I was yesterday. 


In the spirit of those words and acknowledgement of my cognitive dissonance, here are the five points of my advertising manifesto, or, the five promises to myself I’ll try not to break 


  1. Tell the truth 

If all goes to plan, you, Leanne, will have the power to broadcast messages written in your ink, right across the globe. We have enough liars. In every brief you accept, stare down the barrel of the product until you have found the point it., 


  1. Learn from your mistakes 

Once is a mistake, twice is a choice, but if you do it three times you’re just taking the piss. 

It takes a strong person to admit when they’re wrong, but an even stronger one to reflect on their behaviour, acknowledge their weaknesses and take the necessary steps toward changing. If you can not change, you will not grow. 


  1. Don’t follow the money

There’s this line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that everyone should have on their desk. 


 “There’s plenty of money out there. They print more every day. […] Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?” 


This is how you should think about your life. You have only one and yes, it is short and cosmically unimportant, but it is the only one you are guaranteed. No amount of money is worth your freedom, your family or your ability to sleep a night. 


  1. You were not made for this, this was made for you (or whatever Chance said)

Your culture teaches humility in a way that is not cohesive to your current working environment. I know how much you like letting your work speak for itself but in this industry, if you do not take credit for your work, someone else will. In 2020 we’re talking with our whole chest!

  1. Live, laugh, leave by 10. 

This is an easy one; your best life is at home and it’s waiting for you. Don’t be late. 

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