Dean makes a promise – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


Dean makes a promise




It’s hot outside. Bloody hot. The cricket is on. Great old-fashioned bareknuckle cricket! Australia versus India. My Sydney Lager is cold. It quenches my thirst. I don’t think I’ve appreciated an Aussie summer like this, ever before. I’m taking a dip today in the aquamarine waters of my local oasis, Parsley Bay. Making my way there on the natural rocky side. The water between my feet. I dodge the oyster barnacles. The sharks net, perched on top of the mellow water. The tide, high and mighty, as some fisherman on the ‘’dock of the bay’’ try their luck…

The colour of the ocean is a clear turquoise. The bubbles beneath sparkle and glisten. I splash about doing summersaults. Frolicking. Using a breaststroke technique, I pull myself further and further under. As I begin to surface, the blistering sun zaps my back. I think while I’m here, each day I’ll have a swim at either dawn or dusk.

As I flutter about my mind drifts to Brixton…

Reflecting on the first term of SCA, I feel like my year was ignited in September. However, I’m disappointed that I’ve not been getting into class earlier. Not only are we constantly told that arriving early in the morning is vital for mindfulness, it’s also the perfect time to do an Alex Taylor and ‘eat a frog for breakfast’. This means getting some scamping or newspaper reading done. It can even be ‘Learn a new skill time…’ Or ‘Hello mate, let’s make a topical ad time.’ Even just having a chat with Antonio or listening to some Adam Sandler, “At a medium place”, is a great way to set an uplifting tone to the morning. It’s like breakfast for the mind. Speaking of breakfast, it’s time I start having proper sustenance before class each day, so my mind and body is well nourished, allowing for complete focus on the tasks at hand. I do love my Frosted Flakes though…

I guess routine and habit is key as discussed at one of my Friday afternoon tea and decompression sessions with DJ. I’m happy with how my running is going. The meditative state achieved through putting one foot after the other swiftly, is oddly wonderful. Sometimes I end up running late at night because I’ve been in the studio or because I’ve purely put it off that day as it’s freezing outside. 

SCA will be over in no time. This first semester has just flown by. I guess it means we are having fun. So I’ll say it how it is. Upon return, It’s time to head to bed at a reasonable hour and get into the studio earlier so I can sharpie away and practice the art of scamping, something I really haven’t made the most of yet while at SCA. I see this as a golden opportunity to transcend my ideas and executions from merely good to concepts that give Marc ‘creative wood.’ Currently I’ve been lucky enough to work with some delightful people for the early portfolio briefs. Our compositions have garnered favourable results.  

And so, I’ll put it like this. I will get to class earlier every day. It’s time to become a more serious creative. I’ll feel better about myself too. It’s time to maximise this opportunity. Like Andy, I came here to bust a gut. Weekends will be for connecting dots but also for this revolutionary thing called resting. It’s meant to be wild! I guess it’s all about sacrifice. No wonder we see that sign every day in front of us at town hall. It has subliminally entered our minds… Hard work (will always) beat talent.

Dedication, March and celebration!

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