I missed the deadline for the group scab so here is my favourite advert. Now. I’m going to talk about deadlines and my prior assumptions about copy and Khabeeb Gaeji this weekend.

My favourite ad is `Reassuringly expensive` advert created by Collet, Dickinson, Pearce in 1982. Stella Artois was $1.25 extra then ordinary beers. It was marketed as French which was associated as better-quality back in the day. Stella went from selling 40,000 to 4 million barrels under this slogan. I chose this campaign as my favourite because of how successful it made Stella; it also caught my eye as not many simple changes in a slogan have caught my eye recently. Perhaps classic copy is dead or dying or advertising is lacking in ideas.

I want to talk about fighting and gambling because things are boring, and they shouldn’t be. I’m not a serial gambler or anything I’m just in debt all the time. That has nothing to do with the UFC that’s actually due to buying pints in Pop. 

Anyway, a great fight this weekend the chosen one was defeated prior to this fight Tony Ferguson, a grappler with a jaw of steel and the cardio of a wild dog. Gaeji broke him down over 5 rounds and is now facing the khazikstani prince Khabeeb. He has 28-0 record he has dominated every single round arguably except one. He is unmatched, he wrestles bears, he swims against rapids, he was born in a field, he chooses the simple, life, he is going to smesh your boy. Gaeji on the other hand big boned, a solid jaw, a great cardio tank, a mean left hook and one of the best American Wrestlers there is.  I believe Khabeeb`s will win because there is nothing prior to this that would lead me to believe that he won’t.

I am a happy guy most of the time, but there is something about fight week that just gets me going. I mean, I am ready to go, I am so pumped for this weekend I could run a marathon drunk. 

The excitement of fighting for me is that anything can happen, now I am aware that this is true in other sports like football etc. But UFC is mano-emano who ever has it on the night wins. They function on pure instinct in the ring, there subconscious is gone, its either win or lose. The stakes are high, the reward is high, and there is victory in defeat if you have fought your heart out. 

Now other than the excitement, personality plays a huge part, how mentally strong are you in the face of defeat, how strong are you in the face of ultimate victory and riches of millions, women/men, drugs parties and People fawning over you. If only whilst you’re at the top. How disciplined can a fighter be and for how long. In addition, if they do rise to the top and then fall, the comeback story is even better. A boxing Tyson Fury story- he works his way to the top to beat the reigning champion of ten years Klitschko to realise that this esoteric vision he thought would make everything okay was false. The journey was the gift and reaching the goal was the real hardship. To then gain 8 stone and loose it in a year and defeat the reigning heavyweight champ. I have nothing but the most admiration for those fighters. In fact, I recently watched Katy Taylor have a rematch in which the first fight everyone said she loss, and she had to come back and overcome that pressure from the public and from her piers to fight a second time and come out victorious. In which women`s boxing is on the rise with Katy Taylor and Claressa shields running the division with great opposition. of a person) move in a quick and lively way.

Fighting is seen as barbaric by most, to me it is truly beautiful, if only for its sentiment and meaning. There is no other sport with every single aspect of a person’s being is on the line. The ultimate act of bravery is to face potential death with a smile or a scowl. If I could give some reasons why fighting isn’t just a glorified blood sport. The first would be to respect that fighter’s philosophical acceptance or physiological defiance of death. Second is that it is a dance: The definition of a dance is to move in a quick and lively way. Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling.  These are activities with the utmost discipline is required, day in, day out.

I want to be as passionate about copy writing as I am about fighting. So that I can tap into that part of the brain that wants to produce ideas passionately and with vigour. When I talk about fighting I want you to disagree with me so I can explain how wrong you are. When I talk about a boxer, I believe in I have watched every video, every interview, every fight. I can’t help but imagine what I could do with that amount of devotion to advertising.

don’t know yet, but I will.

(To refer back I’m putting 20£ on khaebeeb this weekend.)

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