Already almost the end

The last month for the French has started and emotions are mixed.  The stress and pressure of work.  The joy of having participated in this experience and having evolved.  The impatience to see my loved ones.  The sadness of leaving soon my English comrades.

The level increases from week to week.  It’s impressive.  This is the first time in my life that I am so interested in the work of others and that I take pleasure in seeing them evolve.  My team spirit has grown. The projects are harder and harder but more and more exciting.  It makes the adrenaline more present than before.

Last week I find an end-of-study internship.  It’s at CANAL +, a huge television channel in France, in Paris.
To be honest, this was the company I dreamed of going into, a media world I dreamed of moving into.  I think SCA gave me the confidence to apply for such an impressive and rewarding internship.

It gives me confidence in the future.  Confidence in myself.  Trust in my passion.

I will learn a lot about community management because I will create digital content for social networks.  It’s a job that I really enjoy.

It means that yet my life will change again.  Living in Lyon, I will change of city again.  But this time I’ll just have to take the train to go home and see those I love.  I must admit that it is a relief. Each passing day brings me closer to this relief.  But I still enjoy every day.  I learn about the creativity of my mentors and the other students.  Of their humor, talents and kindness.  I enjoy this magical and open-minded city.  I still learn from this culture so differently.  And the encounters I made in this magical school

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