Morals and work. By @RobCHeimann

By Rob Heimann


Morals and work.


I used to be excessively stubborn (insert backstory of being an unconfident and fearful teen), but I learned that being stubborn clashed with my understanding of a changing political world. I was sixteen(ish) when I learned that I had strong feelings of right and wrong that were unrelated to my own ego, and being stubborn just didn’t work in that context. Things change way to quickly so you position has to be ready to change in the light of new information, or hold fast when public or general opinion has a strong emotional reaction.  

            My politics is left of centre. I don’t prescribe to one political theory or doctrine; I pick up on what I think is affective. So far, this hasn’t massively influenced what I’ve done here. I did flip off the screen when Osborne and Cameron appeared on it but that’s about it. I’d be surprised if were set any overtly political briefs but I guess we’ll see.

            This week we have been set a brief for Sky Vegas online gambling. My immediate reaction; FUCK THAT. Okay, alright calm down Rob, it’s okay have a more nuanced approach. Relax, sit, think. What is online gambling? Maybe it ain’t so bad. NO IT’S TERRIBLE. IT RUINS LIVES. IT DESTROYS FAMILIES. Okay so I’m not keen.

            Now I am questioning whether I can work on this brief? What research or information can sway me? I will take a look. I’m sceptical if there is anything out there but

I’ll give it a go. Part of what worries me is that if I have a moral problem with what I’m doing, am I going to be able to do my best for this brief? I’ve never been very good at putting my feelings aside and I don’t see myself being any different here.

More than one of our mentors have told us to stick to our guns. So, I guess I’ll have a word with Mark and see what comes of it.

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