Teaching Dj about periods – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


Teaching Dj about periods

An extract from my observations of teaching Mr Daniel Johnson the inner working of ladies bits these extract are real but have been embellish for comedic effect. Dj does not approve.


February 19 2019 at the Brixton Costa 2:45pm


It was a sunny day when meeting up with young Daniel in order to discuss the details of our recent partnership and the research we both conducted for the Case for her brief. I had a chai latte while my partner help himself to an earl grey. A man of taste it seems. I open the discussion.


“Okay Dj tell me what you know so far on how periods works, the more you know the easier it is to be on the same page.”  


The subject stared blankly at me, though this isn’t unusual for the subject, he spent longer contemplating his thoughts than usual. I nervously sipped my latte. We were in a busy coffee shop so I felt the awkward situation felt intensified. The Man before me blinked a few time and then gives out a breathless laugh.


“Nope, periods are a mystery to me.”


I look at the man before me a gape, I knew i had my work ahead of me to get my creative partner up to speed, but I didn’t think I would have to start from square one. The man should had at least had seen his own mother have her period. I take a deep breath, simmering my anger before I put him on full blast and embarrassing myself in front of Brixton costa coffee.


“Okay then I guess we have to start at the beginning”


I then proceeded to take out my notebook and begin to scribble bleeding vaginas all over the pages, some I drew bleeding and some bled on their own. I excessively point like the mad women that I am at the various etchings of lady bits. My creative partner in crime blank stares did not to reassure me he understood my explanation, so I became more exaggerated with my teachings in hopes to remedy this.


I scribbled tampons on the page and moon cups of all shapes and size, making sure the illustration for insertions of the products was anatomically correct. It was such a shameful displayed, people stared, mothers hid their children, brasitas fainted and DJ stared silently nodding acknowledgment. After a a few minutes the shame had finally kicked in and I finally mellow out, my cheeks hot from the scene moments ago. I contemplate whether this partnership was worth it.


“So do you finally understand sir DJ, it’s vital we’re on the same page of this brief.” I say breathlessly.


“Yeah I think I do.”


I sigh in relief, knowing the journey for a D&AD pencil will be much more smoother, perhaps there is hope for own partnership after all.


“So do you guys like use one tampon per period then?” DJ said with slight giggle.


I look into the camera as if I was in the office.


More vagina drawings would be needed.  

The copy scores 73.5 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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