How do I manage that? – By @McNultyMovie

How do I manage that?  

This post will be about time management.  

The deadline for my entry was last night.

The irony is not lost on me. 

Hey Ho, lets go. 

I’m a pretty routine person and generally, I plan out my day and my week.  Not everything about them, because I’m not a psychopath. Just the main beats. 

This means that most days I know roughly when I’m going to run, attend class, have lunch, walk the dog, work on any briefs that have been set, do the washing up, clean the flat set, etc, etc, etc.

The thing is, as we progress further into this course, I find myself face to face with new, interesting projects that challenge me in new, interesting ways.  But, I also find myself face to face with the horrifying truth that my skills and thinking are not quite up to the standard I want them to be.  In short, I’m not banging out brain meltingly creative ad ideas and then backing them up with Brad Pitt, topless in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood level good looking designs.  And, that’s fudging* annoying.  

As a result, I spend more and more time practicing creative techniques (or staring blankly at the walls of my apartment) and trying to conjure up a big, juicy idea or frustratedly fiddling with photoshop or illustrator or, more recently, Dimension.  All of it driven by the desire to get better and to be better.  

How do you manage time when all you want is more of it so that you can crack that million-pound idea or mock-up that fantastic poster?  Mentors have mentioned, stressed even, that you’ll never be 100% about the work you hand in.  That there will always be something that you think could be done better.  But, what if you’re not even 50% sure about it?  Or 30% even?  

When all you want to do is try and create something good, time becomes an enemy.  Not something you want to manage.  I know I have to stop doing this so that I can move onto that is all well and good unless this isn’t where it needs to be.

How do I manage that?

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