How far is too far? By @anamal91

Anam Kibria


Anam Kibria


How far is too far?

I’ve always had an interest in advertising (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be here) but could only judge ads by how entertained I felt at the end. After spending a term at SCA, I feel that I’ve gained enough technical knowledge to be able to evaluate and thoroughly dissect ads for their craft and strategy. This has enabled me to see ads in a totally new light.


I’ve spent the last 10 days travelling around India and have been extremely fascinated by the ads that I’ve come across. At the domestic airport in Delhi I saw a banner across the travelator for ‘the world’s first unisex washing machine’ (You can watch it here). What is a unisex washing machine? Aren’t all washing machines made for everyone? I understand the need to find a USP but surely this was taking it too far. 


After a bit of research, I found that sexism in ads seems to be a thing in this part of the planet. Here is an ad for a vagina tightening gel. I mean, does the ad even work? Does the product even work? Who comes up with these things?


Finally, here  is another gem of an ad for vaginal whitening. Look at the drama, look at the man ignoring the poor woman. It seems newspapers are more interesting than non-fair vaginas. This ad is so infuriating, I can’t believe this it exists.


What are your thoughts about these?


Looking at these ads makes me so thankful for being taught at SCA. I hope that sometime in the near future I can come back to India and help to stop the production of these poor ads.

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