How I am fighting climate change. – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


How I am fighting climate change.


I didn’t do much this summer, I mostly stayed where I live in Paris. I could have worked but I wanted to feel bored about not doing anything again. First of all, that’s a solution I thought I could just lay back, take the transportation every day, recycle sometimes and try to shower only 5 minutes a day (only applies in summer).  


I thought my actions were for the greater good; I don’t drive and I eat a whole lot of veggies and often stuff you get in biological grocery stores like quinoa, oatmeal, soy milk…


However big issues were coming up. I was taking the plane to go to the U.S and planes are really harmful to the environment. It was not my first time in an airplane. I have family in the U.S that is very close to me so I am going often. This time was actually special because I wasn’t going alone but with my girlfriend Adelie. We had an argument in the plane about our footprint considering we were going on a plane to the land of capitalism.


I mean I love America but I think as the richest country they could make drastic improvements in regards of the environment. Thankfully, we were going to stay a week in an intentional community in Staten Island thanks to Catherine, a friend of my mother. It was a tremendous experience where you can see that a life more respectful of the environment is possible. The lifestyle is really good and for me, it’s all because it has a feeling of abundance. As I get familiar with the rules of the community, I understand more and more how to live with others and to aim a goal of self-sufficiency.


I am from a conservative family capitalism is the best. I have been told a story that I want to share to you :

A Russian nuclear scientist is talking with an American scientist; the two men have the same feelings about the way to handle a nuclear facility, they’re not friends but they worship each other.

The Russian starts the conversation by saying that he has had the same car for 30 years and his neighbour too. The American cuts him off «How many pair of shoes do you have ?». The Russian reply: «I have six pairs of shoes ». This story illustrates the fact that no matter how much you don’t want to possess you have needs and I think going toward a better handling of the environment is balance. And the major issue comes from the big evil industries. But managing your balance is something you need to be aware of.


In the end, as I was going to my brother apartment in manhattan midtown, as I looked at the statue of liberty from the state island ferry, I saw many boats sailing towards Battery Park and a big black sail caught my attention. Greta Thunberg was arriving in New York City. I thought her trip was insane, I mean it’s crazy for a 16 year old to go across the Atlantic.


I want to be an artistic director because one of my values is to help the environment. Also, I am kind of dumb.


Ps : Just kidding I am smart.


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