How I changed in 2016 – A survey By @MadDavison

Mark Davison

By Mark Davison


How I changed in 2016 – A survey


When I joined SCA, Marc kept telling us that this school was life changing. He said that we could come out different people than we went in. So to see how that was going I decided to conduct a survey. I sat down today and asked my parents, my brother and some of my closest friends if and how they thought I had changed over the last year. Here is what they said (my comments are in brackets):


Dad: You have got a bit more left wing, and got more organised, but still not that organised. You tend to assert your own changes, you know what you want to do, and you do it. Like going to Peru, you just got up and did it, you didn’t wait for anyone else. That’s it. (My dad’s a fan of brevity)


 Mum: Yes you have changed; maybe you are more confident on how to do things. You are more focused. Less stressed I think, maybe that just because you are out of our house?


Tasha: I think you wouldn’t have written an introspective blog post a year ago, that’s for sure. (Tasha you know me so well!) Other than that I feel like I have hardly seen you this year (sadly true). What with you going to Peru and then starting this course, and me starting my new job. We need to try harder this year.


Ali: Erm, let me think. You seem to care less about advertising than you did a year ago, but you care a more about politics instead (not sure I agree with the caring less part). You seem more angry, and less optimist that you were 12 months ago. (That doesn’t sound great) no it is, I love all these things, I’m loving angry political you.


Shabnom: I think you have changed a bit, but I can’t put my finger on how. You have got more thoughtful. I don’t think you were thoughtless before though so it’s hard to articulate. But I think that change was inevitable considering you are older and have started to study again.


Alex: I don’t think you have changed much to be honest. You were very generous with the birthday present you got me (though that was when I was working and you were 21 Alex). Other than that it’s hard to say. Sorry I’m not very good at this sort of thing (that’s been noted).


So there you have it, the results of my brief survey. To me, and you are welcome to disagree, it looks like I haven’t changed a great deal.  So Marc Lewis, I know we’re are only a third of the way through, but I want my money back.



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