How I’ll try to get the most out of the last 10 weeks: By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel



How I’ll try to get the most out of the last 10 weeks:

The last weeks at SCA were pretty exciting for me and my partner Nick. We got nominated for the D&AD award, we had some awesome book crits with some of the best creative directors of London based agencies. Places like R/GA, AMV, OMD, DUKE, Razorfish and AKQA, which taught us a lot about the wonderful industry we want to work in. And on top of that we had an awesome masterclass from Rory Sutherland. 

We’re still working hard on perfecting our creative process, and evaluating our ideas to see if our strategy is right and tight enough to keep pushing further. I guess it will take us a few more years to truly understand human insights and the real problems our products/brands/services have to tackle. We still will push lot of times in the wrong direction but failure is one of the biggest learning experiences we share at SCA. 
For a couple of months Nick and I have been having weekly sessions to give each other feedback on our work and how we could work smarter and eliminate our weak spots. If you work in a creative team I can highly recommend feedback sessions with your partner. It helps to keep your relationship healthy and balanced. 
After the feedback on Friday with Marc and some other mentors we realised that we still have a long way to go to train our lateral thinking, not only to impress the industry with Cannes ideas for the sake of winning awards, but to change human behaviour and become part of our culture. 
In 10 weeks time there will be 35 of us fighting to get jobs in the industry. We not only compete against our classmates but against the best young creatives our planet has to offer. 
This could sometimes be an enormous pressure but also an amazing chance to work in the most exciting industry of our time. 
The last words are dedicated to Zac one of our scholarship students who left SCA a few weeks ago:
The creative industry has become a universe of blurred lines and possibilities, where it’s incredibly hard to figure out if you are made to work in a classic creative team as AD&CW, a single creative, a creative technologist or even start your own business. I think it was a really brave decision to leave the SCA, with it’s massive network and possibilities, behind to start your own independent creative journey. 
Against other opinions I think that this wasn’t an arrogant or inconsiderate decision but a brave step to start a new journey out of an inner drive. 
I am convinced that somehow our creative paths will cross again anyways. I am looking forward to seeing your next destination. 
Cheers Dennis
P.s. Thank you Chloe for correcting my SCAB and Orla for keeping me company! <3 

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