How I’m Doing @dkelly1504

By Dan Kelly 


How I’m doing with time management.


I’m crap at time management but I’ve been getting on Covey’s quadrant. I’m still not great but I’m trying to stick with it through sheer power of will. Sometimes it makes me forget to eat.


How I’m doing with my creative philosophy.


Creating a piece of work is always good even if the work is not good.


A world where a piece of creative work exists, even if it’s awful, is generally better than a world where that piece never existed. Every crap piece of work you make (I’ve made many) is something you can learn from. Even other people’s terrible work can be learned from.


Ian had us doing those charcoal drawings and retracing the same lines in order to figure out where to draw. You learn ‘everywhere except there’ you refine. Iterate. Creatives can’t be lazy, quantity creates quality. Success is about the hustle. Nobody spontaneously creates a masterpiece even if they make it seem like that.


And if it’s not informative, at least you can complain about it and complaining is one of my few genuine pleasures. I’ll complain about a bad film to you until your ears retreat inside your skull.


Often I’ll be endeared to pieces of media I initially receive as awful because of the entertainment value I extract from the misery of the experience. I believe this is different from enjoying things ironically, rather it is a borderline masochistic amusement at the torture I’m willing to inflict on myself just to sit through the Star Wars prequels or listen to a William Shatner album. Things which are comedic have some intrinsic value even if the comedy is unintentional.


I think perfectionism is a particularly crippling affliction to the creative mind. The natural distortion which occurs during an idea’s transition from thought to reality can stunt its creation if you let it. If everything you make needs to be perfect, then you’ll just make nothing.


How I’m doing with Chindogu.


Been gathering a few of these and trying to come up with my own. It’s a rewarding exercise.


Hat which shows a different light depending on whether you’re yawning or screaming. Would be useful in deaf schools.


An alarm app which sends nudes to all your contacts if you press snooze three times.


Cheese roll. It’s like a toilet paper roll but instead of paper its cheese. Sort of dispenses cheese.


Deodorant light. It’s a spray placed underneath a light so you reach up to turn off your light you get an armpit full of sweet-smelling deodorizer.


Detachable arm rests for chairs with no arms like on the bus.


Sprayable toothpaste.


How I’m doing with self-worth


Brands are the most valuable intangible asset there is. With no product, Coca-Cola is still worth millions. They’ve built enough of a name a for themselves that they are established as more than simply the product they create. If you manage to make lots of great work and are known for working hard, I think you’re entitled to the occasional dud.

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