How likely would you join a cult? (on a scale of 1-10)

Who else also felt that SCA might turn out to be a cult? I thought a lot of this possibility. 

Let’s break down what I already signed up for, before even stepping a foot in the actual building of SCA: 

-There’s a charismatic leader, whose face greets you every time you open the SCA website. 

-There’s a promise of a bright and fulfilling future. 

-There are always a few witnesses ready to share their stories and support the mission of the great leader. 

-And to keep you motivated…there’s a warning, saying that SCA is not for everyone but only a selected few, ready to sacrifice and fully commit. 

Perhaps this is the way to market any school – I haven’t been to one in a while so I’m not exactly up to date. Or perhaps this is just the way to brand a school that specialises in advertising. The school sells you a dream, YOUR dream, then you continue, professionally selling more of those to the public and building a cult-like following for your client. 

…did I just justify the mission of said cult? I’m balancing on a really thin line here…I had the pleasure of spending a few years in a catholic school, but the only thing I got from those guys were some really catchy tunes. 

You know what? I will commit to it. It has been six weeks since the beginning of the course. And the feeling I experienced growing in me the most is not just a commitment to the school, but a commitment to myself and my peers. I find it super rare, to be in such a versatile group. I met people of different ages, different origins, different paths of education…and you know what? I’m not going to say that I find them all to be incredible and we are going to be good friends. That’s just not very realistic. However, I do believe that no matter who you are and no matter if we like each other or not – our ambition and drive are what we all have in common. This is something that I value in all of you and myself. And I want to support all of us in keeping this drive alive. 

What can I say…the great leader and his gang are just very successful in attracting the right crowd. Thanks Marc! 


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