How to cope if you end up on your todd. By @Edwards92Sophie

By Sophie Edwards



How to cope if you end up on your todd. 

Now. Many students come to SCA to find a partner. To create the magical third person. And get into a crazy new relationship.
When I joined school it didn’t even cross my mind that some people would leave as singles. Being a creative in advertising means you come in pairs. Right? 
The reality is, pairs don’t always happen at SCA. For some this is due to preference. For me it was due to a series of unfortunate events. I know. DRAMAMMAMAMAMAA (it wasn’t really drama. Just differences which meant it was right to split). 
Anyway. Here’s what I’m doing to cope/ move on/ fight to keep doing the level of work I want to do.
1. Accept it’s happened. It’s so easy, especially when you’re in a small class to compare yourself with ex’s. This is a bad idea. Because you’ll start doing work to try and slam dunk them rather than work which makes you happy. Make yourself happy. 
Okay. So you’ve accepted that that’s how the cards have been dealt. Onto …
2. Figure out what you want. Do you want to spend your energy searching online for a new partner? Working on you and your book (because great ideas should attract people to work with you)? Or wallow in your self pity. Give up. And sleep forever? 
This is totally a personal preference point. For me I’ve gone for option 2 – focus on my book. Because either my Idea Charming will come to me or I’ll be a strong independent woman and take the kingdom myself. 
Now. Here comes the tricky bit. 
3. You’re stuck in your own brain. Ideas are weird things. They flutter and flitter around your brain. Having no-one to joke. Laugh. and talk rubbish with is lonely and isolating. You feel like you’re going mad. But fret not. Realistically when you’re working at an agency as a single you’ll bounce/ brainstorm/ birth ideas in a group. So grab your favourite mentor. And brainstorm with them. Test all your ideas with a team you look up to. Talk about them to everyone and anyone. 
So I told a little fib. Point 3 may be tricky. But for me point 4 is the hardest (at the moment). 
4. 2x the work. You’re competing against a pair. An incredible art director and copywriter. Before my split I was copy. So now the biggest challenge is art. And the beautiful programme​ that is adobe. But just because you may at the moment have a weaker string to your bow doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. Work around it. Or be so creative you ditch adobe and sew all your ideas onto milk cartons. Anything is possible. 
So there it is. Four simple steps. Simple makes it sound too easy. It’s an emotional bungee jump. I’m just trying to remember that I am attached to a string! 
I’ve been asked a lot ‘should you go to portfolio day?’, ‘are you going to retake the year?’ ‘Oh god Soph, that’s so awful how are you going to cope. Are you sure you want to be in this industry.’ 
Yup. Just because I’m one doesn’t mean I am now none. 
So for now. I introduce to you Team Sophie + Sophie. 

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