No, get your mind out of the gutter. WILF doesn’t sound like what you think. I’m not confessing a sexual preference for wives or whatever word you would like to substitue in. It actually stands for What I Learnt From.

Let me explain
Over the summer I was given some homework to prepare me for the year ahead. Amongst other things I had to listen to Dave Dye’s Stuff From The Loft. A brilliant series. Our task was to listen to some episodes and reflect on what we learnt. So here are my learnings. From just a few of the episodes I listened to.

So without further ado. In no particular order, Here’s what I learnt from –

Oli Beale: To get comfortable with rejection. It’s not personal. If you really believe in an idea, fight for it.

Mark Denton: let what you like guide and inform your work, don’t let awards be the only thing to guide your thinking.

David Kolbusz: To create great work you need ro enjoy making it and be excited to show it to the world.

Steve Harrison: That simple is better than complicated, interesting is better than dull, beauty is better than ugly.

Mary Wear: Take inspiration from anywhere. Literally anywhere. Nostalgia and tradition can sometimes be your best friends.

Rory Sutherland: that he pronounces it Son-ee not Sow-nee

Peter Souter: Be a fan. Find those you admire and become their biggest fan.


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