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Previously on the School Of Communication Arts blog pages… Nabeel wrote about his first portfolio

Recently the busy bees at Honey were introduced to the concept of books and book crits. So, in order to be helpful he thought he’d follow it up with a letter to future Nabeel and all his fellow honey bee’s. For when they’ve all got banging books and the time will come for them to show people they admire. 

Here’s a few ways he, and anyone reading this,  will be able to stand out from the crowd and make sure agency creative directors remember you:

Let’s start with one I like to call “The fairy”. 

So you know how when you lost a tooth you’d put it under your pillow? Well how about instead of letting the tooth fairy find it? What if you used it to get in front of your favourite creative director? Sending a molar straight to their desk. With your ideas written on each one in little letters. Bonus points if there’s someone’s blood involved. Bleed for your craft right?

Or find someone you really admire in the industry. Get their email. Shoot your shot but here’s the twist. Call them the wrong name. Calling someone by their real name is boring and overused. Go against the grain. I remember all the people who have called me the wrong name. I can’t remember all of the people who have called me the right name. You do the maths. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you found the ECD’s missing pet, wallet, purse, child? (delete as applicable) Who’s going to tell them you were the one who stole it in the first place? Not me. 

Every agency has a dog. Stalk the Instagram feed of the agencies you admire. Find the good doggy you’ll then imitate them in a human sized dog suit. You’ll then rock up to said agency on all fours and obviously be let through. 

I call this next one “This hand is your hand”. Some Spanish fella once said “Great artists steal” You’re a great artist right? So steal an agency’s work and present it back to them like it’s your own. Eventually they’ll realise you think exactly like they do and you’re in! 

This next one is called Sincerely Insincere : Change your name to Laura Jordan Bambach and turn up to Grey dressed as her. Be stubborn and unbending in your belief that you are her and they’ll just accept it eventually.  

Most Ad agencies have toilets. Some of you are humans and might need the toilet. See where I’m going here? Yeah, me neither. 

Some agencies have people in them. Some of those people eat lunch. Every once in a while they’ll order lunch. And that’s where you come in. Quit everything and instead become a fast food delivery driver. Then, once the lovely lot at Havas next order lunch, you’ll be there to deliver food and your ideas imprinted on naan bread. 

Anyway that’s it. Hope my techniques have helped. Legally I can’t be held responsible for any of your actions. 

Hi mum! Thanks for reading. Sorry about writing in the third person


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