How to Smash Work Placement in the Face (week one)

By Will Wells


Work Placements

Me and Adam (Adam Newby) left school to take up a work placement at the best advertising agency in Victoria.


That’s a fact.


It’s been a week of learning. Here’s some of it.

There may be a machine that gives out free jellybeans. Do not eat all of them.


If they give you Sharpies, do not take an extra one for family members.


If you have to take an extra one for a family member, do not tell them that you’re taking an extra one for a family member.


Do not expect people to introduce themselves to you. You are not that important.


Do not wait for briefs. Briefs are like balls – you have to catch them.


When you catch them, juggle them like balls.


They may have a free coffee machine. Do not let anyone see you get excited about the free coffee machine.


Do not spend money they haven’t paid you yet.


Do not forget to have fun.


Do not just have fun.


Do not neglect your portfolio.


Do not wear another person’s ideas mask.


Do not waste opportunities to chat music with members of JLS.


Do not talk to people when you’re in playful child state.


Do not expect ‘playful child state’ to be an industry-recognised term.


If someone offers you a walk-on part in Made in Chelsea, do not let them forget it.


Do not let anyone forget about you.


Do not be remembered as the guy who ate all the free jellybeans.



And finally.


Do not forget there’s a banana in your drawer when you leave work on Friday.

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