Hypnosis by @ftabastot

Fiona Tabastot

By Fiona Tabastot



I am driving through Paradise Road in between Queenstown and Glenorchy.

Diana Ross is playing on the radio.

I stop the car to enjoy the most dreamy sunrise I’ve ever seen.

As I look up in the sky, the fluffy clouds start to shift colour. 

What first looked like pink marshmallows is now a set of stairs. 

I take a closer look. 

I hesitate for a second. 

Then I take the first step. 

The further I go down through the clear water, the more relaxed I feel. 

My steps become monotonous and uncontrollable. 

At the end of the stairs, I meet my parents. 

They’re holding the hands of the 2 years old version of my sister. 

She’s got a gift.

Something that I will need when I wake up again. 

Something to use when reality strikes. 

I start to repeat her words several times in my head. 

Over and over again.

They need to stay printed in my mind. 

I’m now going to count from one to five Fiona. And at the count of five, you’ll be feeling wide awake and completely refreshed.


I begin to wiggle my toes. Slowly taking back control over my body. 


I feel like Buzz Lightyear.


I’m ready to fly…


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