The School of UN-learning

I come from quite a “traditional” family. My parents put a big emphasis on studying and school work. So brothers all have “proper” jobs. One’s a doctor. One’s an accountant. The other’s a taxi driver which is nice!

Then there’s me! 

Recently we’ve been getting to meet prospective students. Chatting to them and giving them all advice about how we find the course and just generally chatting about what it’s like. 

Which got me thinking. Here’s how I make sense of S.C.A in my brain.

Imagine the brain you’re born with is a unique shape. Everyone starts off with a brain in a shape that’s unique to them. Like snowflakes. Each is similar but ultimately your brain shape is different to mine. 

Unfortunately we all then go through a process called: The School system.  Which takes all these unique shapes and turns them ALL into squares. So after twenty (give or take) years you leave education with the same shaped brain.

What S.C.A does so perfectly is: undo all of that, in an intense, sometimes enjoyable 10 month experience. It’s the perfect place to unlearn. So in honour of that, here are some things you’ll unlearn at S.C.A     

  • Everything you learnt at university or school.
  • Everything you think about the right time to wake up.
  • Everything you were told about no ball games indoors.
  • Everything you know about drugs.
  • Everything you think about making stuff. 
  • Everything you think about: asking why.
  • Everything you think about talking. Listening is more effective.
  • Everything you think about your stories. Stories are everything.
  • Everything you think about sleeping. Sleep can solve problems.
  • Everything you think you know about your brain. 
  • Everything you think about tech. It doesn’t know everything, it knows nothing. 
  • Everything you think about social media. It’s not always helpful.
  • Everything you think about TV. There’s more interesting dots out there.
  • Everything you think about the right creative spot. It’s not in front of your TV.
  • Everything you think about the homeless. They can be useful. If you dare.
  • Everything you think about creativity. Find your time, and take advantage of it.
  • Everything you think about your ideas. Kill them often. Then start again.
  • Everything you think about acting a certain way. Age but don’t grown up.
  • Everything you think about work. You absolutely need to have fun. 
  • Everything you think about success. Failing is more important than succeeding. Both of them are part of the process, but winning only helps your ego.
  • Stories are everything. Again.
  • Everything you think about doing things because they’ve always been done that way. 
  • Everything you think about the right way to go. There is no right way to go. 
  • Everything you think about trying. Trying is the most important thing on earth.

So there you have it. In 500-ish words: All the things I’ve UN-learnt so far in 6 months here. Can’t wait for what I unlearn in the next 6. 


Hi Mum! Don’t worry, I’ve learnt not to put colours in with a white wash now! 


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