Morning brain dump. – By @LawrenceESlater

By Lawrence Slater


Morning brain dump.


Okay, so this is a stream of my consciousness on my way to school. On my bike, wanted to do it walking but don’t have the time that would take ages so speaking and recording on my phone. Cycling is just so fast. This is a better reflection of my journey as it’s how I travel to school every day. Shut the gate. Get on the bike plants going through the cracks in the pavement. And I’m off. Change down a gear. Love that yellow tarpaulin. Wow my heads cold, shaved it yesterday stupid in winter. Van coming straight towards me in the middle of the road, driver eating a McDonalds. So this is basically what Dave Dye showed us the other day, a stream of consciousness but I had already planned to do this. Am I copying nah I don’t think so more like saluting? Van in the middle of the road so dirty. Got some stuff drawn in the dust, always fun. Left turn. Am I free to turn right, yep. Stop, don’t get run over. Waiting… and go. Cool Porsche. Aww, people walking their dogs. I wish I walked Lacey this morning, got up too late. Wow, sheepdog. Massive. Not an actually sheepdog, that chases them. More a dog that looks like a sheep. Waiting…. and go. Bumpy on the cobbles. Nice smooth tarmac. Wow, love this street. Massive houses. Proper goals houses. Criminals beware, that signs always been there but never read it before. Plane in the sky. Wow, the sky, it’s so blue today. Very nice day. It has got a little bit warmer. My hands aren’t cold. Last week they were cold cycling. Even with this hole in the gloves. Toms gloves actually. Speed dump, da dum. Up a gear. Slow down, will I fit through that gap. Onto the pavement, someone nearly road into me. Zooming past the cars on the pavement hehe. Wow, that car had a big bump in it. Such nice trees. Stopping at the lights. Few other cyclist about this morning. Some people going to school, funny that kids are still trying to wear trainers to school, I used to do that. Literally all the kids wearing black trainers to school. That is funny. Wearing black tn’s. I think I used to also wear black tn’s to school. That is funny. 10 years ago, nothing’s changed. Flouro shoes on that guy. Hmm, bright yellow tennis ball on the road. What’s he doing. In the middle of the road. Bin day round here, bloke putting his bin on the street. Or is he just moving them? Love that house. Right turn. Hopefully, these cars don’t move. perfect. Such a nice morning so crisp. How long till spring? March I guess. 1 month. I can deal with that. Noises car. Amazing trees. Shaped like circles I mean spheres. Sign on the car didn’t quite read it. “Can you… can you move this car” probably. Left turn. More bins. Definitely bin day. Builder in fluorescent jacket, orange saints bag on the floor. Amazing colours red-yellow-green. Always find this house on the corner interesting. What’s this big drain truck? Why is her windscreen wipers going, definitely not raining? Cleaning the windscreen maybe. Loud birds. My gears are making a noise this bike needs maintenance, clean, seats slightly wonky that needs adjusting, bit of an oiling. Artemidorus. Cute. Big fancy bus. Football player style bus. Can I nip through this lil gap? Another bus. Jumped the red. Right through the park or on the road. I think the park. Zebra crossing. Bit of a crash nearly. I’m in the park. Weird stretch. She’s hot. Lil guy zooming on a bike, girl drinking a coffee. Do I still have coffee at school? Got 50p can get one. Always so muddy here, has it been raining recently? Can’t remember? The lido, can’t wait to go there in the summer. Jogging in shorts and it must be freezing. Nice crunch noise from cycling over the leaf. nice shadows. Man not picking up his dog poop. These trees are so nice. That dog is sooo skinny. Gollum dog. Lil guy matching his helmet to his bike. Very cool. Green red white. Guy jogging in full tracksuit wrapped up, more like it. This is NICE. Planes in the sky. Lots of air tails, vapour trails, vapour trails? Big plane, British airways nah American airline. Hmm, lil cute dog. Bump in the back of the punto. Lil kid and lil dog. made it thru the lights. That coat is cool. People in the middle of the road don’t wanna run them over. cracks in the road. keep peddling. Road could do with repair here lines are fading. Am I in the way? Wow, big thick striped jumper that’s cool, graffiti on bus stop. Bent over lamp post that’s funny bent the wrong way. how did it bend like that? How did a car crash into that? Wow, slippy here got to be careful not to slip. Fluoro jacket red bag looks cool. Off my bike. sky so nice. amazing blue nice fade lighter blue to deeper blue. Walk down the stairs. Stuff on the stairs no one doing drugs. Nice red planter and I’m inside. 


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