Snapping Some Shots – By @JesseOHare

Jesse Sharp-O'Hare

By Jesse Sharp-O’Hare


Snapping Some Shots

After spending several days cooped up in my room with either Netflix or a sharpie for company, I knew that I needed to get out of the house. Wearing trackies for that long is never good for anyone. I decided that the best thing to do would be to go for a walk; wrapped up and strolling on a blue-skied winter afternoon sounded exactly like what I needed, fresh air and the crunch of frosty leaves underfoot to keep me inspired. I got my warmest coat on, wrapped a scarf round my neck and turned on some nice calming music (Marika Hackman, if anyone was curious).

With no real point or plan in my head beforehand (not that walks really need a plan anyway), I decided I might as well take my camera to see if anything interesting would happen. After doing it, this is something I want to recommend to everyone, even if it’s just using your phone. It kind of felt a little like going on a green version of street wisdom. Your walk is a lot slower, as you try to size up subjects and find the best angle for the shot. You don’t feel the need to walk very far to stay engaged, as seemingly mundane things become a whole lot more interesting. Most of all however, examining everything through a tiny viewfinder means you really focus in on some of the details around you that you probably never notice when you’re walking straight through a park/field near your house, eager to get home.

I definitely didn’t take any life-changing pictures, in fact most of them were pretty terrible truth be told. But it didn’t really seem to matter, walking around gave me lots of time to think, and keeping my eyes and hands busy meant I could kind of drift off and let my subconscious get to work.


This was quite a short SCAB, but after all a picture tells a thousand words. 

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