Four topics – By @hollygordonn

By Holly Gordon


Four topics


A common question I ask around the studio is what to write my upcoming SCAB on, because I can never come up with anything myself. I have reminders on my phone that pop up two days before a SCAB was due, to give myself some time to ask, panic and write. This is probably the closest I will get to good time management.


So from what I remember, I will write something about the suggestions I got.


Lemons by Lucy

  • When life gives you lem- lolol whatever. Lemons are often used in cocktails, baking and by parents, to prank their babies. When I asked Lucy, she drew out a metaphor of SCA using a lemon and a juicer and explained how we are being squeezed until all the best parts are left (the juice) so we can excel in the future (cocktails).


Dave Dye by Alfie and Forrest

  • Where do I begin? I look back at my notes and go slightly cross eyed. It was reassuring in a way that I don’t really know how to form into words. Like good art direction, he is wickedly smart, honest and emotional. Some nuggets I enjoyed where:


‘Art direction is just a system of organising stuff that feels right.’

‘To you, work will look different for the right reasons.’

‘An art director is a communicator who can use the tools.’

‘The best art direction is attached to the best ideas.’

‘Humanity is important.’

‘Disrupt people.’


(Shout out to Mike for making the talk happen. We are all very grateful.)


Rob by Tom

  • Rob was kind, caring and extremely funny. He had writing skills I could never imagine possessing. He also surprised me in many ways, which I am grateful for. I am also grateful for his ability to listen to my rambling nonsense when I would cross paths with him in the kitchen. I hope he is doing well and knows we all miss him.


Improv Comedy by Everyone (the handful of people I asked today)

  • A tragic mistake on my part, I asked Marc Lewis for advice. I have now been challenged with an improv comedy course that will untimely end in a performance that none of you are invited to. I am aware, this is supposed to be a positive learning experience for me, one of growth and personal discovery, but I have never excelled in the spotlight. I only talk when there are five or less people present so please keep me in your thoughts during this hard time.


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