My rocky relationship with Kenneth Higbee, by @NihalTharoor

Nihal Tharoor-Menon

By Nihal Tharoor-Menon


My rocky relationship with Kenneth Higbee

I had it all planned out. Order every book on the reading list off Amazon in one fell swoop. Read them at a steady pace in the order outlined between now and the start of term. Continue to read my own choice of novel as a reward for the completion of each book.


…That was three months ago.


I have read several wild and wonderful works of literature since then. I am still dithering around Chapter 8 of the first book on the reading list – Kenneth Higbee’s Your Memory: How it works & How to improve it.


This academic text seeks to show – among other things – the most effective way to study and learn new material for future recall.


Oh the cruel irony.


Each time I sit down with the genuine intention of hearing Kenneth out, my mind goes to fantastic lengths to do anything but that.


I have nothing against Kenneth. I know his book provides valuable techniques for improving memory and will be very useful in our future work. I just wish he could have expressed his knowledge about memory in a slightly more engaging and (apologies) memorable way.


So the first goal for SCA and it looks I’m struggling.


Not quite the first impression I had planned for my first SCAB, but I thought it best to lay my cards on the table in the hope incoming students will relate to my plight – even if they have long since overcome it.


I know really it is the lack of pressure that has allowed me to neglect Kenneth.

There are still some months to go before term begins and more pressing priorities at hand.


This cannot go on much longer however.


Yes, we got off to a rough start, and things went on far too long, but someday very soon Kenneth and I are going to sit down together and see it all through to the bitter end.


I’m sure I won’t forget it.



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