4 words rule – By @GwenDzelle

4 words rule

For this SCAB, I’m going to put a rule on myself. Because apparently rules can build on your  creativity and being a non-English native, I need to work on expressive vocabulary. It is also a  work on a different narrative. How rules and patterns can act and embrace a certain tone of voice.  

The rule: Only write four words sentences (Thanks Caroline Hampstead for the idea).  And it starts: NOW.  

We are in it.  

The course has begun. Meaning, it really has. It’s nothing like before. And everything like it. The  speed embraced weeks. It is a race. The clock is powerful. Powerful enough against us. But  there’s a way. We are being prepared. The training is harsh. Cuts have been done. Choices have  been made. Voices have been heard. SCA has shown brutality. SCA has shown humanity.  We are in it.  

Briefs run through us. We run through briefs. Internet connexion is hell. Still, connexions are  made. Different tempos felt right. The path never does. Or does it, truly? What is the solution?  Breathing became oppressively hard. Pressure has been higher. Heartbeats punctuate the days.  As does the frame.  

We are in it.  

It’s only the beginning. Ideas are being smashed. One idea gets threw. Sometimes, unfortunately,  none do. Executions are carefully made. Wonderful ones are rushed. Some mindsets got crushed.  Combative hope still remains. We wish to win. We wish to grow. I wish to shine (Yeah, a little  bit…). I wish to go.  

We are in it.  

London is calling me. Well, maybe not really. I am calling London. I desperately need answers. I  desperately need movements. Experience different mentors differently. Experience different  students differently. Experience different laughs differently. Experience different spaces differently.  Even though, they’re not. Laughs, mentors, students, spaces. They will not change. They  shouldn’t change. I won’t change either. But the experience might. That’s what I want. I sense a  hurry.  

We are in it.  

Headaches become second nature. Old nervous ticks emerge. Tensionless shoulders aren’t real.  Sleep has been helpful. Insomnia, not so much. Propositions haunt my dreams. Briefs are getting  concrete. Some might say scary. Some might say exciting. Either way, getting bigger.  We are in it. 

And what about partnerships? Managing them simultaneously? Which ones function well? Which  ones work better? Is there personality clashes? How to choose wisely? How to be impartial? Who  is your partner? It is so important… It’s in every mouth. The partnership is key. You don’t find it?  Stay behind the door.  

We are in it.  

Head resting in the pillow. I wonder about life. I wonder about ‘if’s. If I get lost? If I crack it? If I  never do? Did I crack it? Can it be cracked? Is there a solution? What is a brief? Can we define it?  How good can’t be great? Art director or Copywriter? What do I do? What do I want? I want this  world.  

Please, let me in. 

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