What’s the most important of advertising? By @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos


What’s the most important of advertising?

The advertising contest are finishing and after watching the D&AD winners, the SOL (Spanish contest winners) and waiting for Cannes I realise what really advertising means for me, an award or the best ad ever.
For me is the process, how do you work with your partner and enjoy every step of the thinking phase. This means lots of conversations about random things not related with advertising, meetings with interesting people that can be a mentor, a friend or just listen to a random conversation.
When you got the thought, the idea, you need the fight for it. First with your partner to make it solid, and then, fight together, improve it and end up with something that really excites you. Then you’ll have to craft it, or crash it! Taking care of every small detail and making it beautiful as much as you can. If both of you have enjoy enough the process of all this idea, it will be a great one, at least for you that is the most important in the industry.
If you fail you’ll have more energy to produce 100 more because you’ll be not only doing advertising you’ll be working with passion, growing up something that you believe in. If you nail it you’ll have also energy to look for another even better.
For me advertising are the stories behind the ideas that makes you who you are. In the school you learn to find this WHO, to fight for the ideas you believe and do the most of it. In SCA you learn how to work by enjoying the process. This knowledge can arrive earlier or just finishing the school and it’s not an easy process to learn, you have to feel panicking, unconfident, unmotivated and frustrated to really find it. But I promise it’s worth it!
Don’t stop even when you think that it can’t be better.

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