Class Crash – Girls of Hinge with fringe, don’t panic, it’s strictly professional – By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi


Class Crash – Girls of Hinge with fringe, don’t panic, it’s strictly professional


I’ve read in a psychology magazine while I was waiting for my wisdom teeth to be pulled out that we desire a different kind of accomplishment from our parents. We want emotional support mainly from our mother, meanwhile, work is connected to our father.


Ohhhh, it’s so true!

I call my Mom to cry 53 minutes on the bus and repeat 32 times that my life is in ruins because my partner decided that he didn’t want to work with me anymore, and I’m pretty sure, that everyone else hates me because I’m fat, my English is shit and I can’t wink, I can only do something weird with my eyes that makes me look like as if I’ve had a stroke.


12 minutes later.

I ring my Dad to flaunt how amazing our new idea is – yes, our idea, because my partner changed his mind (again) and he is willing to work with me (again), and maybe this will change (again) once I’m finished with this writing.


If my Mom is proud of my work, I take it for granted. If my Dad is, I take it as a piece of gold.

Same with Marc at school. By the way, my Dad is also named Marc with a “k” and a wired Hungarian letter, “á”.


I’ve also read in The Daily Mail, that women marry men who take after their fathers.

Apparently, I work with a guy who is a clone of my Dad half his age.


Here are the first similarities I’ve recognized:


  1. He can’t find his wallet.
  2. If he can find his wallet, he must’ve left his keys.
  3. After you let him in, we have to figure out where he left his phone with a dead battery.
  4. I always carry my portable charger with me just to lend it to him.
  5. He’s sure, if something is just five minutes away, he doesn’t need his jacket, even if it’s minus 10 Celcius outside.
  6. He made it clear that if I tell him off, he will cast it against me all the time, but if he tells me off, it’s different, he had a reason for it.
  7. I made it clear, if he tells me off, I will cast it against him all the time, but if I tell him off, it’s different, I had a reason for it.
  8. He knows, I never need anything from the shop, because I’m always on a diet, and I only eat my astronaut food protein shake – except after midnight when I finish two baskets of shortbread at a sitting, but he never mentions it.
  9. He thinks differently. I think this is amazing. I admire his brain.
  10. He’s smarter than me, brighter than me and taller than me.
  11. I’m confident around him. Even without makeup or with my broken/week/shit English. He gets me or at least he pretends it very well.
  12. He has a huge heart.
  13. He has a big narrow nose. He’s a selective Jewish – Jewish when he wants to be Jewish.
  14. I truly trust him. I know he would never let me down.
  15. He’s curious, creative and conscientious.


I’m crazy. He’s crazy. I drive him crazy. He drives me crazy. I’m crazy about him. I hope he’s crazy about me too.



The copy scores 82.7 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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