What are you lookin’ at, sucka!? by @a__pugh







By Alex Pugh


Reflecting is hard. It sucks to look at oneself objectively as one can. “You should take a long hard look at yourself” is an admonishment for a reason. Reflection is supposed to be part of the journey of self-improvement. I don’t think I really reflect on myself too much. Not in any serious way anyway. But I believe that many people are guilty of the same thing.


Reflection is an integral part of the SCA process. 505 Friday Reflection is my favourite part of the school week. And not just because it is the beginning of the weekend. It’s so illuminating and entertaining and a real window into the room’s soul and psyche at that moment in time. But I always find it difficult to make my reflection slides. I have to go back over my notes on the week. They are either unintelligible scribbles in my notebook or musings rendered clear as day in my Google Keep. Regardless of their origin, I often have to build great monuments of reflection on these small, unassuming cornerstones of thought.


It’s a laboured process. It’s not easy. It’s easy to fuck about with it but if done properly it has its benefits. I’m having a rough time at the moment, professionally and personally. Taking a long hard look at yourself when you feel low is not ideal. But what is necessary is always right.


P.S. Live Long and Prosper. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

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