The first day of the rest of my life – By @monaonthemoon

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By Mona Sharif


The first day of the rest of my life

Here I am, 56 days before the first day of my journey at SCA. The first day of living in London. The first time I will meet my classmates. 

So many firsts. September 13th 2016 seems to me like new year’s eve. Okay, New year’s eve is supposed to be on January 1st, not in September, but I like to believe that life is a succession of starts, beginnings of new chapters, and I know this journey at SCA is going to be an important and intense chapter of my life. 

I will wake up as a child, full of hope and more than ever curiosity, leaving France where I have always lived, leaving my friends and my family, saying goodbye to my proud but sad-to-let-me-go mom. 

Considering this first day of term as the first day of the rest of my life, I felt that I needed to make a list of new year’s resolutions :

— Never loose the taste for learning and discovering new things 

— Go beyond my limits and never settle for “just okay” 

— Be even more and more curious and not be afraid to ask questions

— Kick ass at work to be sure to have no regrets at the end of the year 

— Draw and paint more

— Stay organized

— Become a boss on After Effects

— Leave procrastination in France

— Follow my english teacher’s advice : “The best way to learn english is to have a British boyfriend!”

— Try to fall in love with monday mornings 

Mona Sharif

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