I didn’t choose the punk life, the punk life chose me.

From bones to centerpieces this is how a date with dots turned into a gruesome fruit bowl.

Whilst crossing the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern I noticed there were people on the beach. I had never really paid any attention to this little slither of London but I noticed that everyone was looking down as I crossed. Throughout the day I could see out of the Tate Cafe that more people had gathered but what were they looking for?? What was on this beach that had people scouring it? I had to know! So I went to see for myself. After all, a bit of mud larking never hurt anyone.   

Beaches are usually 1 of 2 things: sand or pebbles. BUT NOT THIS ONE. This was brick, bones, and old clay pipes. I’d never seen anything like it. I reverted to a child immediately, totally fascinated by what I found, and obsessed with the notion that some of them could be human (not sure why).

At the time I had a compulsive urge to collect the bones but without a reason, I would look like a crazy person and explaining to my housemates would have been a challenge. I was swayed by Marc’s request to “be more punk but in a creative way”. So back I went to get my bones.

This brings us to the Barbican Center. We went to see the Noguchi exhibition (checking in our stuff at the cloakroom was a bit awkward) but his work turned out to be pretty boney too, so we rocked the art student look. 

Without a plan, we just started creating to see what would happen. It was like doing a serial killer puzzle fitting everything together. And doing It all in the Barbican’s cafe. Next to a mass of bemused diners.

Before I knew it I was making a decorative bowl. I hope you enjoy the outcome 🙂

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