I got a kick up the ass.  By @susanmcfadzean

By Susan Mcfadzean


I got a kick up the ass. 

I knew I needed it. So I’m trying desperately to hold on to the feeling I had yesterday afternoon. Because it wasn’t the sort of positive energy I often get in SCA. Usually, during town hall or after one of our special master classes, I get jiggly feet and I just want to be let loose to go and do. I get inspired and motivated. But yesterday was different. The feeling was negative. It was heavy. It was expected, but it was dull. But right now, it’s the only kind of negativity I need in my life. Because it hit me. I’m not getting a placement at an amazing agency because I’m an SCA student. Nor because I’m a nice person or a little bit creative. I need to learn to harness my talent and apply it. Fast.
I am mad at myself. And rightly so. I had an opportunity to blow the socks off the creatives who hire for placements at an amazing agency and I didn’t take it. And it affects no one else in the room except myself. I wasted an opportunity. But I’ve learnt. And it’s not too late.
So yes, we know. Half term is not a holiday. It’s a week of hard work. It’s a week to get sh*t done. It’s a week to get ahead. 
Just like JJ said, we are a room full of amazing individuals. I think everyone is fan-fucking-tastic. And when we take off our training wheels and get going, good luck Watford. 
I know who’s winning the placements in 2018. And I know who will be reshaping this industry in the coming years. It’s the girls in the dungarees, the boys in pyjama bottoms and whatever else it is about us that sets us lot apart. 
So just in case I didn’t make it clear enough, Ad land you better watch out, John is coming to town. 

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