The Journey is the Reward. By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas

The Journey is the Reward.

The D&AD New Blood briefs were released this week and Marc has told us why he doesn’t want us looking at them. I must admit, I took a peek. I just had to take a look at the brands listed and the one line propositions we will be dissecting and agonising over in a few months time. To be honest, I’m so glad we’re not going to start on them now. There would be absolutely no point.

Here we are struggling over the first week long brief, painstakingly trying to find an insight. Anything at all that will help us distinguish the shit Curry’s PC World brand from its competitors. It’s difficult. I still feel like my first day was yesterday, and can’t imagine that in only three months time we’ll be tackling full blown award briefs. My oh my.

But as Marc has always said: “Everything is a process” and thus, this includes creativity. My partner and I have tackled this brief with all the techniques we have built up over the first few weeks. We’ve thrown the whole bloody book at it. Some of them work, some of them don’t. The main problem is that I can’t objectively assess my work. I’m still at a stage where after coming up with a ‘great’ idea, immediate doubt sets in.

It’s frustrating but then again, it should be. I just want an epiphany moment where it all just ‘clicks’. But I think that’s just not realistic. Sometimes, I’ll produce great work, sometimes I’ll produce shit work. I guess the journey is the reward.

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