I have this feeling again – By @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos


I have this feeling again.

One of my passions is to travel, like the rest of the entire world I guess. I’ve been to many many places and everywhere I go is so special and unique. It doesn’t matter if is just around the corner or literally at the other part of the world. I was living in Sydney before London and in Madrid before Sydney (I am from Barcelona).  I met a lot of people, I made very good friends, I live thousands of stories but the start of this year I just felt that it’s not enough. I need to discover again. 
I like to do each trip special and different, I’ve traveled with my family, with friends, with my partner, with people that I didn’t know before… but I’ve never gone alone. Few years ago, when Whenever I was backpacking with my friends, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India or wherever it might have been. I always thought that I could never go alone on one of these trips. But after the holidays, I don’t know why, I have this curiosity to spend time with myself discovering the world, observing, in silence, meeting people that you won’t see again, listening to their stories and making decisions that could make a huge difference. 
I want to go somewhere where I’ve never been before, I want to meet people that surprise me, I want to have more experiences that I can´t have in London. I think that each moment of your life makes you richer in something and when it doesn’t is because you are not doing what you really want to do. If I am working in SCA now it´s because I’m feeling this passion for the work that I create. I can see that I will be growing up faster but I also need to feed the adventurous and unconscious part of me that likes to break the rules and disappear without thinking or telling anyone where I´m going. I probably don’t even know myself where it is I´m going.
Now I’m busy being happy but it won’t be a long until I need my next trip to get inspired. 

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