I think in pictures not words

Ashley Davies

By Ashley Davies


 I think in pictures not words


Last year Marc and I spoke over the phone for the first time and half way through the convo he asked ‘what path do you want to go down’ and the answer I had in the barrel was ‘Ideapreneur Marc’. I’m not too sure if it was because it wasn’t really an established route to follow yet or if he had other plans for me and I was presuaded down another path but he said ‘I think you’ll be copy’. 

At school I barely scraped a C in my English GCSE. I touched on how I lose the narrative if I write a lot in my last SCAB but it was bad, real bad. I’d start writing about Othello and finish writing about what I was having for lunch that day but how i’d go about getting there was quite creative (it would have to be). With this in mind and the fact sometimes spellchecker can’t even workout what I’m trying to say I was a little sceptical of Marc’s suggestion of writing for a living. 

The subject I got the most out of and got the best grades in was Art, but like my english i’d deviate from the point and disregard the brief but have no idea I’m doing it. It was the difference between me getting an ‘A’ rather than a ‘B’. From school I went to study Art and Design at college and I loved it for the most part, I was getting messy and stuck into something I enjoyed doing it but again I was still having that same problem with my work not ticking the right boxes. I ended up getting disheartened and quit the course and went in a completely different direction, never thinking i’d come across it again… 

Since we started working briefs at SCA I’ve not found myself writing out lines or long copy to inspire ideas, the first thing i’ll do is doodle or scamp what I’m seeing in my head and I’ll build off that. Not sure yet but ‘brand me’ could become a little more arty in the next couple of weeks. 

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