Without SCA 2.0 Life Would Be a Mistake

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus


Without SCA 2.0 Life Would Be a Mistake


I am writing, recording and launching an album for my passion project.



I started by recording everyday sounds around the house.



A can opening, a toaster popping, a kettle boiling, a microwave dinging, a broom sweeping, glass breaking, keys jangling… (you get the idea).



Then I built warm, swelling, bubbling synths and instruments around the aforementioned, to produce a mildly pleasant bunch of sounds and tunes.



It’s safe to say I got carried away with the everyday sound sampling part.



I sampled one of my farts via granular synthesis and made the smelliest of all bass lines!



I then looked at my dog and remembered he likes to howl along to my wailing.



I synthesised his howl, and turned him into an ethereal sounding pad for a song.



Making music is what I live for, as the great Nietzsche once said ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ 



Being able to produce music yourself, that sounds good to your ears, which you would listen to, even if it wasn’t yours, or your mate’s, is just sublime.



It’s kind of like a weird form of sonic self-fellatio, auto-audio masturbation if you will.



I’m a little bummed to be putting music making on hold for a year, but it’s for a good cause, one of the best actually: SCA 2.0.



I am so thankful for the brief we received over the summer, it finally made me pull my finger out and produce a fully length LP.



I’m sure the limitless nature of musical techniques will be applied to creative brief tackling come September.



I know for certain, the many neural pathways SCA2 will be creating in our brains this year, will push my music production to new heights (and anyone else in the 2015/16 intake who’s a music maker!).



More importantly I’m so excited to meet the beautiful minds and characters cherry picked for this year.



I love the football analogy Marc used:



We are stepping into a league as the favorites,


We just need to find our positions,


 Give it our all,


And we’ll finish the season cream of the crop,


With lions on our shirts,


And a locker full of pencils!

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