Never Won Anything. – By @G_Medford

By Christopher Medford

Never Won Anything.


I have never won anything, and it has only taken me 28 years on earth before this happened to me. I would like to thank my friend Elliot, for introducing me to something that would change the course of my life forever. I hadn’t finished university for the fact that i managed to get employed one summer and the prospects of a career there were good. How ever 5 years on i realise that it was all a lie and I should of positioned myself in an industry that actual I Genuinely was interested in and had more human friendly hours. On the 2nd of February 2019 I lost a close friend and colleague Harry May, Long time friend and of recently work colleague. We had both talked about being more creative and getting out from the corporate life, but you know there are some things that just get left in the smoking area.

But at my friend’s funeral, I got talking to his brother Elliot at the wake while we talked my thoughts about work were brought up and how I felt I didn’t have to opportunities anymore to be able to study because im too old, but Elliot said I shouldn’t worry and I should check out the School of Communication Arts 2.0, I was reluctant at first to check it out at the time i think it was more the idea of it gave me anxiety, but after going over all the details of the course, I had nothing to lose by applying. 

After Applying I was invited for a group interview and to give a presentation about anything. Within the past couple of years i have found my creativity had been wasted on small projects but having the freedom to create something with such an open brief after such a long period of inactivity was quite a daunting task. The Presentation i made was to show how brands and cults were the same things and was the basis for the previous brands that i had started and had been involved with, but on the day I was nothing but nerves, my nervousness had gotten the best of me on the day, I was able to get my words out or say anything that i had stayed up the night before preparing, by the time my interview day was over i thought i had absolutely fucked it and my chances of getting in were over. 

During the interview, Marc told everyone that attended the interview with me, that he would call over the course of the next couple of weeks to let them know that they haven’t been successful, and the odds of being successful were quite slim, only two hundred people get the chance to interview for thirty places and then only two spots for scholarships, these words kept ringing in my head. I was caught off guard when Marc called me to tell that I had won my place at the school and that the school saw something special in me.  Winning a full Scholarship to the school of communication 2.0 has been the first thing i have ever won in my life and maybe me winning this is a sign that I have taken the right path. 

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