TO THIAGO DE MORAES – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski





Honestly I was so impressed by this masterclass. Impressed by his raw talent but also the passion he has for his job. The importance of the craft.


And his talk really reminded me of my life before SCA. When I worked as a junior art director for luxury brands. When I was working there it was imperative that everything had to be perfect and visually impacting. It is true that being an art director in advertising is not really the same, the idea isn’t to spend hours editing a pack shot for a perfume or to draw jewellery on illustrator (something that graphic designers will have to do for hours on end). The idea is to find the very best concept. Nail that proposition. THE big idea.


This year has changed me so much. I’ve learned to look for a good idea and elevate the idea with pure craft. My portfolio is not perfect, there is still loads to improve on but it reflects my passion for good craft. And that’s exactly what I felt during Thiago’s masterclass. 


This passion to develop the best visuals that he can possibly do. The shapes that accompany the product, everything counts. Everything must have the same design. This obsession for storefronts, logos and fonts.


I’m still surprised by what Thiago showed us, a game that doesn’t contain any video at all and relies purely on the users sense of sound. Magical. And that completely transforms what the consumer can imagine a brand is capable of doing. A simple chewing gum that wakes up your senses.


This passion also for children’s books. Design a book for two years. And never give up. I hope to be able to maintain my passion for painting and drawing once I start on placements. Because the time for what we love must occupy a place in our lives to allow us to be well rounded people and help us excel in our professional and social lives.


I made the mistake of prioritising the school this year because I wanted to devote myself mainly to that. I have not been drawing since December and I can feel the frustration. It is important to do what we love.


And Thiago completely reignited my passion and love for drawing.


Thank you Thiago.



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