I think my anxiety is having a panic attack, but this cat is still curious. – By @shepherd_sc

I think my anxiety is having a panic attack, but this cat is still curious.

Ok…oh boy…snap crackle and pop. So, we are here, I am here and it’s starting to sink in that I am starting something that I had been coveting since 2019. I even gave it a name ‘Strat 19’ and it actually paid off. I am filled with excitement but, there is this unnerving feeling in the back of my mind, am I ready for this? First day, guess what? I am late. Yeah set my alarm correct on the wrong day (forehead slapping emoji), anyway moving on, stay focused. To be honest the starting weeks have been heart pounding even my stress is stressing out.

Everything is so new and so different; it’s like back in the old days going travelling to somewhere you want to visit but everything is in a foreign language. Plus, it’s not the 2000s, so you use a map to figure your bearings and you try to ask the locals, but that language barrier is making life that extra confusing. Was it, take the second left or first right? So you just get this sensory overdrive. The good thing though, the locals are friendly, and they see you are struggling so helping hands are plenty. This is where you will be staying for a while, it sinks in but as you look around and you see how beautiful it is; it’s the reason you came here.

Now, the classes are like the local cuisines and you’re not shy of trying something new and varied. For me, one of funniest lessons had to be the improv class…I was not expecting there to be an improv class. It was silly it was random…it taught me something or at least helped me with getting a little more relaxed and feeling a little more into my skin. I also got a chance to meet and talk with the other students (the other travellers) and role play and be silly. It was good to know there were others also travelling and just as much feeling like a needle in the haystack.

Ok, now we have reached that part in your travels where you know your hostel inside and out and the local market with the tasty cuisines. It’s the most important part now, venturing out…yup you guessed it on your own. This takes the form of briefs…. Lord the briefs. So, the briefs take the form of creating different digital content and so far, I have tackled making a Gif, Kinetic typography, and a silent movie, among others. This meant learning programs…the programs are not simple by the way. Remember the anxiety filled feeling from the beginning of your travels? Yup, it’s back and what is the first thing it says to you? “Ay, what’s gooooooooooood bro, you missed me?” Yeah, I think I stopped breathing correctly. I mean can you even forget how to breathe correctly? And Adobe had become my Everest and its library of different applications, each a different milestone. I am below sea level and I don’t even know how to swim (forehead slapping emoji). Even my sweat is sweating. Anyway, you get the gist. I chose this pathway, I am the one who wanted to travel this way in the first place, so what did I do? Well panicked, screamed, cried (just a little) and if I was in Seattle you know I am sleepless, but I got there. When I got there, I barely got there but a win is a win. It’s only been two weeks and there is still a lot to see, explore and cry about (just a little) but each time I learn something my curiosity grows even more, and I want to know more. Adobe was scary but now…I want to conquer it. I want to conquer my travels. There are going to be more tears (just a little), forgetting how to breathe…again, the I cannot do this, the why God why but that is the journey now. I gotta go eat some cuisines I have missed. I’ll make sure to update you on how they taste. Peace.

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