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I Wish I Made That


Over the past week, we were tasked with going away and writing about 5 things that we wish that we had created ourselves (they didn’t have to be adverts.)


Those things included a mixture of books, campaigns, fonts, and….well….ice cream.


To save you from having to read every one of those posts, we’ve each picked our 2 favourites and chatted about them below.




(If you’re interested to know the thinking behind any of our choices, give us a tweet – @coupsca)


Ben G


1. I really liked Laura’s post about the see through toaster. What an amazing idea and a brilliant piece of modern day problem solving. Apparently it took 15 years to develop, time well spent in my opinion.


2. I also really liked Alex’s find of the Bergen International Festival logo, it is simplicity at its finest. The rationale behind the shape and multiple meanings that it embodies really ticks a lot of my boxes. Often when I have designed logos for clients they want lots of colour and my argument is that it should work with just one, this logo is so simple it just would not be as strong in different colours. Love it.




1. Don’t Hug me I’m Scared (Katy Edelsten’s choice) –


2. Joan Cornella (Federica Martini’s choice) –




1. Life Saving dot – The Life Saving Dot – Alicia Cliffe’s choice
It’s so simple, it’s part of their culture so doesn’t change their daily routine, but can save their lives. Amazing


2. CODEX SERAPHINIANUS (Dennis’s choice) –
WHY? It’s just the best thing ever. Literally a new world, and I want to be part of it.




1. Cadbury Gorilla Advert –


2. Jackass: Giant High Five –




1. Don’t Hug me I’m Scared (Katy Edelsten’s choice) –

Funny and creative


2. Suki – Hats

yeah I love hats!



1.  The X Ray – Alicia Cliffe’s choice


2. Life Straws – Becci Mai Ford’s choice
Basically as much as creative arty stuff is really fun and makes me laugh, I kind of think medical advancement wins hands down everytime. Saving lives is the best.


1. Strobe Lexus advert – Ethans choice =

The amount of work that must have gone into this advert is amazing – I loved how different it was from any other car adverts around, it’s memorable without focusing solely on the product and gets accross a clear USP. Great ad.

2. Late for meeting – Laurens choice =

Just found this hilarious – the music fits it perfectly and it is so completely ridiculous, I like how fearless it is. It’s better to put something out there and create than wait for something to be perfect or to check that it is acceptable. This is the epitomy of that ethos.


Nick K


1. Late For Meeting (Laurens)

It’s so good to watch something which is so weird you cannot judge it. People should be less judgmental sometimes and just embrace doing things, more stuff would get done.


2. Rima Lamp (Dennis)

Great design which reinvents an everyday object, awesome.




1. Life Straws (Becci) – This is amazing, what a simply smart way of solving a massive problem.


2. Climate Name Change (Drew) – This nearly made my top 5 too! Something so simple was made so powerful by a group of people that were fed up of being ignored. It’s ballsy, catchy and all for a good cause. What more would you want!




1. Anything by Noma Bar (Alicia) – Like Alicia I absolutely love this guy’s work. It distinctive, clever and different.


2. Monty Python (Matt K) – A completely crazy show that was never afraid to experiment and innovate. A landmark in British comedy.


Nick L


1. Ben Tatham – Love this piece too.


2. Zac – Great idea with a positive and strong message.




1. Alicia: Noma Bar Prints — So clean, and clever. *Ooh, pretty!’, then the message sinks in. Classic pill in baloney, awesome.


2. Nihal: Gabriel García Márquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude — I’m intrigued by ‘magic realism’; I want to read that book now.




1. Blaz is right i would love to have created the lego movie not just because lego is awesome but its pure comedy gold.  I have also realised that there is a need to learn to be a better animator so that my ideas can be carried.  Maybe using the lego films techniques of stop motion i could get there.  


2. Matt B is also completely right I bloody love ice cream, if i didnt i am sure i would be a size zero.  As every girl know the only two men you really need in your life is Ben and Jerry.  




1. Matt B – In Cold Blood Such a great book, you can feel the connection Truman Capote had with this story in the way it’s written. So interesting. The only book I read cover to cover for any of my english exams.


2. Larry – Sherwood Anderson’s Resignation Letter Anderson’s I like the honesty and simplicity of this. Why have a job if your heart isn’t in it? Do the kind act and suggest firing yourself.




1. Dennis – Helvetica

not much to add….it’s Helvetica!


2. Larry – Late for meeting.

that’s just an amazing piece randomness, and it’s unique cause it’s weirdly creepy and funny at the same time.




1. Alicia – Life Saving Dot – I love the beauty and simplicity of using the bindi to provide nutrients. Its creative problem solving at its best, and as someone with lots of extended family in rural India I feel a personal connection.


2. Ethan – Stan Smith Return – The ad hits the right tone of authenticity. The celebrity endorsements feel genuine and not preachy. I now want to buy a pair and join the cult of Stan Smith. Effective advertising.




1. Laura – tube tent – Even though it is weird it has potential with growing popularity of festivals


2. Becci – Zips – They make things much easier




1. DENNIS – THE PYRAMIDS OF CHEOPS: Curious tiopic and different of advertising… 😀 love to learn something new everyday


2. ALICIA – FUCK THE POOR: It’s shocking how can change the people reaction with the twist of a simple action that everyday we hear.


Matt B


1. Cadbury Gorilla Advert  – a powerful, fun and lighthearted ad that had nothing to do with the product itself


2. The Simpsons – one of the most iconic TV shows…ever


Matt K


1. Big idea, tackling a massive issue and really simple.  Life Straws – Becci Mai Ford’s choice


2. Again a nice simple idea doing good The Life Saving Dot – Alicia Cliffe’s choice


Also a shout out to Laurens for Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci, legends.  And Dennis as I’ve just ordered Codex Seraphinianus and now won’t be able to eat for the rest of the month.




1. I love the Luminaris short film simply for it’s beatiful storytelling and incredible pixilation technique – Katy


2. Love the Life Straws idea. So simple and yet effective. Really fantastic idea that makes you think “I wish I’d thought of that.” – Becci




1. Alex – Happy hiking kvikk lunsj
I had not seen this ad before, but being very familiar with kvikk lunsj, as my friend is absolutely obsessed with it (and yes it has better chocolate than kit kat) but that’s not the reason. I think this is a great ad just for the reason Alex explains it, they really well captured why people buy it, and should buy it. My friend Lovisa is only obsessed with it as she used to eat it when she went snowboarding with her family in Norway when she was younger, which makes the point again. It’s something that is mandatory in outdoor activities in Norway, so much that even tourists buys into it. I wish I came up with that ad, because it’s really spot on.


2. Becci The Harry Potter books

Where do I even begin, the creativity of JK Rowling is just absolutely amazing, is anyone not jealous? The Harry Potter books are so well detailed and there are no limits to how well crafted this idea of a Wizard school is. She nurtured the fantasies and hopes of children and adult all over the world by letting us into her world of magic. I really wish I could have come up with something like that!




1. Katy  – We Go To The Gallery – Words do not do this justice.


2. Laurens – Late for Meeting – Simple, irreverent and utterly ridiculous.




1. Alicia – Noma Bar

Noma Bar is my favourite designer/illustrator and has been for a while. I always love things that have concept as well as beauty, and the moment everything clicks in the place with a Noma Bar piece is so rewarding. The colours and boldness are also completely gorgeous.


2. Matt Butler – Ice cream

“Because it comes in every flavour under the Sun and is fucking amazing”

Yep, this.




1. Alex – Happy hiking kvikk lunsj


2. Ethan – Stan Smith




1. Laurens – Jam (Thick People)




2. Matt B – GKMC

Great album




1. Blaz – Lego. Nostalgic feeling. I wish I could have made it myself, unlimited possibilities of creation that’s where it’s at.




1. Blaz –

Rock star produces quality games and the discourse that comes with each edition.



In my opinion it shows advertising can also be art.

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