I’d never join a cult. – By @poppy_scarlett

By Poppy Cumming-Spain

I’d never join a cult.

I’d never join a cult.
Cults are scary.
They’re too extreme.
Dangerous, even.
They’re full of mad men and women, doing mad things.
Unified over something no one else understands.
They’re deeply unified.
A unit.
There’s weird energy between them.
They know they’re own kind.
Scary, right?
ask you to hand over large sums of money.

For vague promises of lights at the end of the tunnel.
Glory and happiness will come, so they say.
Trust is required to be in a cult.
Trust in the cause.
Blind belief.
You can’t refuse.
You have to believe.
Cults take over your life.
Change your worldview.
Change you.
Cult followers are devoted.
Devoted to their cause and their leader/s.
There’s usually only one.
A charismatic creature.
One madman leading the rest.
With wild views and expectations.
Who captivates and confuses their followers.
Bamboozles with words and performances.
Uses ritual and repetition to maintain order.
And tricks followers into required behaviours.
Scary, really.
I’d never join a cult.

I joined SCA.
It’s scary.
It’s extreme.
It’s full of mad men and women, doing mad things.
No one else understands.
We’re deeply unified.
A unit.
There’s weird energy between us.
We know when you’re one of us.
I paid over fifteen grand for less than a year.
I didn’t know if it was worth it.
If it would work out.
Just vague promises.
I was told to trust the process.
I trust the process.
I believe.
I have faith.
SCA has taken over my life.
And changed my worldview.
It’s changed me.
I’m devoted.
We have one leader.
A charismatic creature.
Who captivates and confuses.
He performs and bamboozles.
His plans for us are wild.
He uses ritual and repetition.
I’ve been tricked into behaviours.
Scary, really.

I joined a cult.
It was totally worth it.
And I’d do it again.

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