If DJ were an AI text generator pt.2 – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


If DJ were an AI text generator pt.2


Ok, Amy, I’m not mad anymore, hopefully, this scab will be one of hope and forgiveness.


On to another topic. In terms of our uniform’s, it has been hinted that there will be variations of our uniforms for the upcoming Movember! Nothing yet confirmed but if they are to go ahead, we need to spread the word far and wide so that they will be able to offer us to have Movember in the stadium on this upcoming first leg.


However, we are not just disappointed with the wait but also with the quality of the Bengaluru FC shirt. As it stands, the design is not well put together or in line with our logo and this has led us to change the design.

The khaki shirt is really too dark in colour and is also quite dull in appearance. The ketchup logo has also been added which may not sit well with


Oh and some more here, only known ones:


Manchester City will be playing three friendly games in the USA in October, we will see two against Chicago Fire (October 17) and San Jose Earthquakes (October 24).


Clive Rose and Chris Perkins made a guest appearance on Spanish TV.


Among the supporter’s voices, there was no change.


And we are not the only ones who felt this way.


A fan said, “The football club should withdraw the design. However, we are not just disappointed with the wait but also with the quality of the Bengaluru FC shirt. As it stands, the design is not well put together.


A Bengaluru FC fan said, “With this we have wasted 3 months of our life on all of this, there is so much work to be done with the new shirts. At least let us finish the grey, better than this.”


We asked coach Bill Harris what the problems were with the strip and I told him about the problems of using tiny threads to get the lining in place. He told me that they have to use the cloth on a small-to-medium scale. I said that’s fine, we’ll still get to use the red-and-black, which will be brilliant for the Futsal.


“He said he’d talk to the marketing department, and after that, we’ll let you know if there’s anything else we can do to help you out.”


What do you make of the rebranding? Can Canada’s Futsal players make an impact on the international play?


Futsal is a three-sided game, but in addition to the normal attack and defense phases, there are also special attacks called “bubbles,” to which the ball can be moved. In a typical bubble, urchins move the ball along an orientation during a short amount of time, and a player can place one of three different bubbles on each side of the ball, by clicking on them. When the player has made his selection, the three bubbles on each side of the ball form an unbroken line, while one bubble is put on the middle, and a third bubble is placed on the outside. Thus, if the two lines meet, they form a right angle, and the umpire will be moved from one side to the other, to play the next bubble.


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