If I could go back… – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


If I could go back…


Its your first day and you are shit scared. You are also excited but still… Scared.  You know you are shy. You cling onto Sophie. You know her from a friend. You don’t need to though. Your cohort is full of the nicest people that you will miss seeing every day once you leave.  

Speak to people and have the confidence to make friends earlier.  It will make you feel more settled a lot quicker.   


Term 1


It will make you feel like you don’t really know how to do advertising.  Your confidence will be lower than usual. But you should experiment. Try new things. Its the term to do it.  You have a lot of side things you have wanted to create. They may be small but just do them. On reflection I wished I had done more.  Look at D&AD’s everyday and work out the strategy and what makes the campaigns so great. This knowledge will guide you through the year even if you don’t know it yet.  Once you get a grips of this getting SMPS and strategy for campaigns will become easier. You won’t really realise at this point how valuable SMPS are. But trust me they are.


Term 2


This is where the fun begins. Where we really click into gear as a cohort. With portfolio briefs each week that have to be submitted in video form as well as the ever impending 3 weeks of hell that D&AD provides, you’re in for a treat.  You should sleep, portfolio briefs may seem important but you don’t need to stay up until 3am. Most of these briefs won’t end up in your portfolio. At the end of the day the portfolio is the most important thing out of the course. However these are good practise for D&AD.  Term 2 was when I learnt to push my craft. D&AD will make you really value mentors and decide which ones you want to listen to. It’s when Lucy and I really began to find our form. I wish that I’d not been so worried in term 1. But it’s important to take weekends and connect dots. So do that.


Term 3


Term three feels like it’s never going to end. This is the final push. I write this with just with 

3 weeks to go. This term, our emotions ran wild. But it’s important to stay confident and believe in yourself and work you want to create. You will get conflicting feedback from work so believing in yourself will help you decide what you want to keep and what best reflects you.  Crits are so important. The more crits the more opportunity you and your partner will get. I wish I had gone on more in term one and beginning of two and I know once I leave it’s going to be the one thing I do the most. All in all, work as hard as you ever have but don’t lose yourself in the process.

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