If SCA were a film set… By @rolloskinner

Rollo Skinner

By Rollo Skinner



If SCA were a film set…


‘Fat Penguin, Slate 6, Take 7’, yells Arthur with the clapperboard, as we go for another take.


The Director shouts, ‘action’ and we move, scurrying off to various corners of the set.


Barely any natural light reaches us in this too hot, but somehow strangely cold, airless space. Today Pete the writer’s in, making sure the text isn’t being butchered and keeping our eccentric Director in check. 1st AD Ian is keeping the show moving with grid-like efficiency.

Vikki and Caroline are listening in on the cans. The Scripties following our every word, for every word matters.


A confused soundtrack blares from a lonely speaker in sporadic bursts; Hans Zimmer turned this job down.


Cut! A bad take. Another idea shot down. The Director gives his notes. The actors collect their thoughts, eager to go again. Alex, Director of Photography, is sitting behind the camera, with an enigmatic half smile, ‘the key to lining up the shot is getting the perfect frame’. So on hand, nearby, the Grip Dusty provides the crucial technical support.


An Extra trips in the background, but nobody sees.


As we zoom out, we get the whole picture. Every person is a small cog in the larger machine. A machine where communication is paramount. Without it the set cannot function, the show will not be made. Every cog matters.


It’s a wrap for the day. They make their way home. That evening they replay the dailies. Reflecting on the good takes, the lessons learned and the days to come.


Our set has been updated now. A new lick of paint under the careful eyes of Production Designers, Beth and Tomo. An arctic extravaganza. Episode 2 will shoot next week.


In 8 months time the crits will be in, casting judgement on our labour.


We sell or we die. We communicate or we die. We do or we die.
Let’s hope Fat Penguin isn’t a flop…

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